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Miele washing machine range

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WWD 120 WCS 8kg
W1 Front‑loading washing machine
with 1–8 kg honeycomb drum and Pre-ironing for gently cared-for laundry
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    WDD 131 WPS GuideLine
    W1 Front‑loading washing machine
    with an operating panel, acoustic support, and audio operating instructions
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      £899.00 [1] / [2]
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        Everything you need to know about Miele washing machines 


        Looking for a new washing machine? Miele offers a wide choice of washing machines, where you are always assured of the highest quality and energy efficiency. 


        Which washing machine is right for you? 


        When looking for a new washing machine, price is often considered first. Of course that is an important factor, but a washing machine must also fit into your daily life. By asking yourself a few questions prior to your search for a new washing machine, you make the choice a lot easier for yourself. 


        • How often do you use your washing machine for small loads?
        • How energy efficient should the washing machine be? 
        • Is the washing machine fitted in an open plan kitchen? If so, should it be quiet?
        • Should the appliance have smart connectivity, such as Amazon Alexa?
        • What the size of the washing machine should be. Big or small?  
        • How often do you want to use fast programmes
        • How long do you want your washing machine to last? 
        • How many people will use of the washing machine? 
        • How many times a week do you wash? 
        • Do you want a manual or automatic dispensing of detergent?


        Are you stuck? Then use our guide so you know what washing machine you need


        Why choose Miele? 


        • • True craftsmanship, continuous technological development and extensive testing of every part of the appliance enable Miele to manufacture washing machines that last and perform well – making them good value in the long-run. 
        • When you choose Miele, you choose not only a smart investment, but also a sustainable choice. All Miele washing machines are highly energy efficient and use recycled materials in their production process.  
        • Need to wash a single item of clothing quickly and economically? No problem with Miele SingleWash recognition and automatic load.  
        • Your laundry is not only cleaned, but also hygienically cleaned. Do you have something that needs to be washed quickly? No problem with PowerWash or QuickPowerWash. In short, Clean, hygienic and fast (even in less than an hour!) 
        • Want to remove the hassle out of laundry? Try Miele TwinDos with automatic dispensing, saving up to 30% of detergent – helping reducing waste whilst guarantee cleaning performance.
        • High quality accessories and parts.  
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