A Connected Home

With Smart Appliances And Miele@Home*

Make your home smarter and your life easier, by securely adding your Miele appliances to your network and unlocking a slew of convenient features. With an intuitive app**, voice control, and integration into existing smart home setups, you’re in full control of your networked appliances thanks to Miele Cloud.

One App** That Does It All

Everything at a glance – whether at home or away

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Clear Overview

A clear dashboard provides you with accurate updates on all your linked appliances; check remotely if a washing programme is finished or your oven is at the right temperature.

In-App Shop**

Shopping for consumables or accessories is made even more convenient; the app filters on compatible products specifically for your connected appliances.


With a few simple steps, the app guides you in adding and setting up new appliances. Software updates for your appliances are automatically downloaded and installed.

Smart appliances - Smart living

Explore the convenience of connecting your home appliance with the Miele App**. Gain support, control, and monitor your appliances from anywhere. Simply use your voice when your hands are full. 

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Discover voice control with Amazon Alexa

Discover voice control with Google Home

Thanks to the Miele Cloud interface, all our appliances seamlessly work together with your existing smart home setup.

Efficient With Energy

Smart appliances know exactly when your own generated electricity – through sustainable options for instance – is available and charge or start automatically.

Safety First

Appliances integrated into your smart home, such as cooking appliances and optional smoke detectors, ensure you can leave knowing everything is turned off properly and monitored.

A Personalised Experience

Customise your smart home with your personal routines; for the perfect lighting at specific times, appliances that are ready when you need them, or robot vacuum that cleans when you’re away.

Cleverly connected

Experience the convenience and practical benefits of Miele@home*, discover our range of connectable appliances.

In Full Control Of Your Scout vacuum

Watch your little robot friend do your vacuuming for you through an encrypted video feed, get status updates, and program its behaviour and cleaning routing, all from a single and intuitive app.

*Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.

**App available for a mobile device (for the minimum requirements, please refer to the information provided in the app store).