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The New Duoflex Cordless Vacuum

Prepare to shift to cordless excellence

Discover the power and convenience of the new Duoflex. A cordless vacuum that's as powerful as a conventional Miele cylinder vacuum cleanerand glides across the floor and under furniture with ease.

Duoflex adapts to your home with floor detection that automatically changes the power at the floorhead to suit the surface below it, giving you the best cleaning performance without hassle. And enjoy a cleaner living environment, ensured by the Click2Open feature and advanced air filtration.

With the energy-efficient and powerful Digital Efficiency motor, the new Duoflex vacuum excels in performance, but also boasts an aesthetic appeal that blends perfectly into any home décor.

Duoflex Total Care

Duoflex Cat & Dog

Duoflex Extra

Duoflex Nordic Blue

Duoflex Terra Red

Duoflex Sunset Yellow

Powerful Performance. Quick Handling. Compact Design.

Discover the power and convenience of Miele's latest cordless vacuum cleaner: The Duoflex series matches the strength of traditional Miele vacuum cleanerswhile offering the luxury of cordless freedom and the convenience of SpeedLock.

Duoflex Total Care

Discover All Duoflex Models

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Exceptional Power. Up to a 55-min Runtime2. Automatic Floor Detection.

Powerful Performance

Leave no dust or dirt behind, thanks to the powerful Digital Efficiency Motor and first-class performance of Vortex technology.

Battery Runtime

Enjoy stress-free vacuuming with the Duoflex, boasting up to a 55-minute runtime2, powered by seven high-performance lithium-ion battery cells.​

Automatic Floor Detection

The MultiFloor electrobrush automatically adapts to any flooring type so you don't have to. Automatic floor detection adjusts the brush speed for optimal performance and convenience.

Faster and Easier Vacuuming with SpeedLock

With the SpeedLock unlocking mechanism, you can switch from a complete to a hand-held unit in just one movement.

Discover SpeedLock

Light Work & Flexibility

Make light work of cleaning your house or car with Duoflex. Reach under furniture with ease - the Duoflex floorhead remains flat to the floor whatever angle you hold it at, giving you complete control in the tightest of spaces. Supported with a range of models and accessories, for added flexibility, such as the flexible crevice nozzle and Cat & Dog brush

Supreme Hygiene For You, Your Home and Your Family


Clean Home. Clean Hands.

Empty the dust and pre-filter container at the click of a button. With the tried-and-tested Click2Open feature, you can easily keep the fine-dust filter free of coarse debris. This ensures performance is kept high, and your hands are kept clean.​

Hygiene Filter

Clean Air

The Duoflex’s hygiene filter traps dust, pollen, pet dander, and allergens. Achieving 99.99% appliance filtration4, the hygiene filter prevents their recirculation, effectively improving the overall air quality of your living space.

Duoflex Cat & Dog

Overcome the challenge of pet hair and dander with the power and agility of the Duoflex Cat & Dog Cordless Vacuum. Picking up pet hair is a breeze with the Electro Compact handheld brush. And with the flexibility to choose from two modes, you can conveniently clean floors, upholstery, and hard-to-reach spots.

Elegant Home Integration

Proudly showcase the stylish Duoflex in your home. With modern colours and premium surface textures, it’s much more than an appliance – it’s a genuine statement piece.

A Balanced Aesthetic

Too attractive to store away

Accessories & Additional features

Enhance convenience and versatility

Always in Reach

The Flex XL Crevice Nozzle adds 60 cm to your reach, and even more flexibility to your cleaning efforts.

Included as standard with the CarCare and TotalCare models




Remove hair with ease

Swiftly pick up fibres and pet hair from upholstery or car seats.




Gentle & Scratch-free

Comfortably clean scratch-sensitive surfaces with the Universal Brush.




Room for Manoeuver

Use the Hose Extension to reach cramped, narrow, or confined spaces.




Designed and Engineered in Germany

By continuously perfecting our craftsmanship, we create premium vacuum cleaners bringing outstanding performance and quality into your home.


All you need to know about the Duoflex

The Duoflex is as powerful as a conventional bagged Miele vacuum cleaner1.  Our high standards ensure the best cleaning results and whilst many cordless vacuums sacrifice power for battery life, we have worked hard to ensure the right balance.  With the digital efficiency motor and vortex technology, the Duoflex is able to provide the same cleaning performance as a corded vacuum, with the convenience of cordless freedom.

Both the Duoflex Cat & Dog and TotalCare models have been specially designed to deal with pet hair on carpets or hard floors.  Both models come with an additional Compact Turbobrush that easily removes pet hair from floors, furniture, stairs, car seats, upholstery and more.

The Duoflex can be used for all floor types: The Multi Floor Brush automatically detects the floor type and adjusts the power in order to achieve the right balance between performance and power. Additionally, the Duoflex series offers a wide range of different models with additional accessories – choose the model that suits your needs best.

The Duoflex battery can be replaced for servicing but is not designed to be taken out in daily use.

The Duoflex Hygiene Filter works in two stages: The pre-filter and the fine dust filter.  The pre-filter separates the fine and coarse dust, with the fine dust passing through to the second stage of filtration.  The fine dust filter then retains the finest dust particles.  Using our ComfortClean function, users can shake the dust particles off the filter and into the pre-filter container, to be emptied hygienically.  This also means that cleaning the filter is not necessary, whilst still ensuring the best performance.

Cleaning performance compared with a Miele Complete C3 cylinder vacuum cleaner (SGEF3) with STB 305-3 turbobrush (dust pickup from carpet and hard floor with crevices, fibre pickup from carpet). In accordance with IEC 62885-2.​​

Without the electrobrush MultiFloor attached. Up to 12 minutes at maximum power level, with the electrobrush MultiFloor attached, on hard floors on minimum power level..

 In accordance with IEC 62885-4​.