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Whether you’re looking for information to help you find your perfect laundry appliance, want to learn more about the innovative technologies that power them, or discover tips to maintain your Miele, you’ve come to the right place.

Before You Buy

Make an informed decision on which models are just right for you, by getting to know all the ins and outs of our laundry appliances and products.

Why Miele Washing Machines?

From our intensive testing and build quality, to the sustainability of our washing machines, Miele laundry appliances are an investment for your home – you’ll save some serious money in the long-run.


Sustainable Laundry Appliances

At Miele, we design each and every appliance to conserve energy, save water and use fewer natural resources in the manufacturing process. From better insulation to smart sensors that finish the cycle when the laundry is ready, you’ll be buying a sustainable washing machine without compromising on results.


Accessibility in Miele Washing Machines

Discover our unique GuideLine washing machine for the blind & partially sighted, with tactile controls, audible signals and outstanding Miele quality.

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Why Miele Tumble Dryers

With lower energy consumption and smart sensors that end the cycle once the clothes are dry, Miele Heat Pump Tumble dryers are some of the most sustainable tumble dryers on the market.

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What is a Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

Miele offers a range of quality heat pump tumble dryers within our range. But what are the advantages of a heat pump dryer? And are heat pump dryers better than conventional tumble dryers? Read on to learn more.

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Why Miele Detergents

Optimal results while safeguarding your garments - our exclusive line of laundry detergents is specifically designed to get the most out of Miele washing machines.

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Buying Guide to Find the Perfect Laundry Appliance

Looking to buy a new washing machine or dryer but don’t know where to start? Use our buying guide to find the washer or dryer that matches your specific needs and wishes, by simply running through a few questions.

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Tips & Guides

The articles below provide handy insights for keeping your appliances clean, how to correctly add detergent, clean the filters, and more.

How to Eliminate Bad Odours in Your Washing Machine

Discover the simple steps you can take to get rid of unwanted odours and get your washing machine smelling fresh again.

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Which Detergents Shall I Use for Specific Fabrics?

Designed for items that require special treatment, such as down jackets and pillows, so they can be safely washed with dedicated programmes that preserve their unique qualities and deliver unrivalled cleaning results.

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How Water Hardness Affects Laundry and What to Do

In this article, we will explore the effects of water hardness on laundry and what can be done to ensure the best laundry results from your Miele washing machine.

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Washing Machines Help Videos

Want to know how to descale a washing macine? Or how to clean a Miele washing machine water inlet and outlet filters? Take a look at our help videos.

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Tech & Features

In a league of their own: get to know the latest innovations and technologies that make using our washing machines and dryers such a powerful experience.

Discover TwinDos® Automatic Detergent Dispensing

Perfect wash results regardless of load and soiling, our unique TwinDos® system further enhances your washing cycle with tailored care and optimal cleanliness, in addition to saving you time and effort.

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Honeycomb Drum Explained

The innovative Miele Honeycomb Drum protects clothing without snagging both when washing and drying. Discover how it works.

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Water Safety in Miele Washing Machines

Miele washing machines are equipped with water safety systems and additional sensors that help prevent water leakage, for more peace of mind.

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How quiet are Miele Washing Machines?

The noise level of a washing machine is particularly important for those who live in apartments or have open plan living areas where the sound can travel. Learn about the technology that makes our machines less noisy.

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Discover M Touch

Make configuring your washing machine and selecting the right programme a breeze with Miele’s M Touch screen solution.

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Revolutionise Your Laundry Experience

All Miele products are designed to enjoy a long lifespan, enrich your home with timeless looks, and have a strong focus on sustainability through efficiency and innovative features. Want to explore all laundry appliances at Miele? Here you'll find a convenient overview of all our laundry products.

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