What is a Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

Miele offers a range of quality heat pump tumble dryers within our range. But what are the advantages of a heat pump dryer? And are heat pump dryers better than conventional tumble dryers?

The Benefits of a Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Recycled Air For Better Efficiency

Rather than extracting moist air during the tumble dryer cycle and ventilating via a tube, a heat pump tumble dryer recycles the warm air and uses the excess heat to dry clothes further.

This means the machine can re-use the heat generated for better energy efficiency.

Lower Energy Consumption

As well as using the recycled heat from the air inside the dryer, heat pump tumble dryers usually apply much less heat in the first place, which means less electricity is used with each cycle.

With a Miele heat pump tumble dryer, you’ll see a real difference in your energy bills year after year, with an A+++ energy rating found in almost all of our heat pump tumble dryers.

Improved Fabric Care

With less heat applied to the load in the drum, your clothes will last longer too. High heat levels applied by conventional tumble dryers to extract moisture can damage fibres and cause colours to fade.

With a Miele heat pump tumble dryer, your clothes and fabrics will enjoy a gentler, cooler drying cycle each time without any impact on results.

Easier to Install

Heat pump tumble dryers don’t need an exhaust pipe, meaning they can be installed anywhere in the home. From under kitchen cabinets to a garage or utility, there’s no need for a cumbersome exhaust pipe that needs to be fitted into a wall vent or hung out of a window.

Some Miele heat pump tumble dryers also take up less space in the home, making them ideal for smaller spaces or undercounter installations.

Tested to Last

All of our Miele heat pump tumble dryers are tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use*. This equals thousands of hours on the highest settings, and tens of thousands of repeated door opening and console operation.

And even if your heat pump tumble dryer needs some attention, our extensive care and maintenance options and replacement parts for heat pump tumble dryer add an extra layer of sustainability.

Smart Drying From Miele

Miele heat pump tumble dryers use sensors to assess the load, then apply only the right amount of time and energy. They then sense when the load is perfectly dry, stopping the cycle when the item(s) are ready.

This means you’ll use less electricity, and your clothes will only be subject to the right amount of heat to dry them for a shorter period of time.

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Heat Pump Tumble Dryers FAQs

In most cases, the ability to recycle heat from extracted air and lower electricity usage usually make for a more efficient tumble dryer. With Miele, our heat pump tumble dryers receive a minimum A++ energy resting.

Yes, many Miele heat pump tumble dryers only require an electrical outlet, as the extracted water is stored in a cassette drum which can be emptied into the sink, or the water can be recycled in the garden or home for non-drinking or washing purposes.

Sometimes the drying cycle can take longer than a conventional air extraction tumble dryer, but the benefits of using less energy and applying less heat to clothing usually outweigh the extra minutes it takes to attain better drying results.

The initial cost for a heat pump tumble dryer can be higher, but you’ll save money year after year by using less electricity, making your clothes last longer, and investing in a tumble dryer that will also last longer and can be repaired rather than replaced.

Certain Miele heat pump tumble dryer models have a duvet setting, and heat pump dryers can offer additional protection to duvets with less heat used to remove water.



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*For more information: www.miele.co.uk/20years