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The perfect team: Why fish and white wine simply belong together.

Wine & Fish

You should always be guided by your own taste, but there are still some good reasons why it’s best to serve white wine with fish.

Andreas Enslin is Chief Designer at Miele.

How do we come up with ideas for new products?

Discover how Miele comes up with new product designs. Miele’s chief designer finds his best ideas come to him when he is inspired by his surroundings.

With the Miele Dialog oven, sophisticated entertaining is a breeze

Gourmet meals at home

MIELE invited the who’s who of the gastro scene to undertake a magical culinary journey. The spotlight was on the Dialog oven and its innovative features.

Top chef looks beyond the glamour.

Private chef Stephan Staats

Stephan Staats the “chef to the super-rich”. Learn more about him in our interview and get a look behind the glamorous facade to reveal his passion for cooking.

As a hotel concierge, Amedeo Musto D’Amore is a collector of secrets.

The man in the key position

Amedeo Musto D’Amore is Head Concierge at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg. In his 40 years at the hotel he has handled some weird and wonderful requests.

A master florist gives expert tips on how to decorate your table for a special occasion.

Flower power: more than just decoration

Do you want to get compliments for your decoration? Master florist Mario Mahlstedt gives his expert tips on how to decorate your table for a special occasion.

Rediscover your love of cooking

Recipe for veal shanks with herby lemon gremolata

Ossobuco in Spice Coffee Sauce

Ossobuco is one of the highlights of Milanese cuisine. This traditional dish of braised veal shanks is given a modern twist with an unusual coffee flavour.

Recipe for an energy drink with a twist

Coffee and Beef Bouillon with Basil Milk Foam

Beef bouillon as an energy drink? It sounds like an acquired taste, but apparently it offers all kinds of health benefits. A recipe for adventurous types.

Recipe for homemade ribbon noodles with port wine shallots

Espresso & Thyme Ribbon Noodles

Try cooking with coffee! Follow this recipe from our Miele Test Kitchen to create delicious espresso and thyme ribbon noodles.

"Down Under" in gourmet heaven

Sydney’s Haute Cuisine

Find out more about Sydneys great offers with restaurants such as The Paddington, Automata, Ester or Bennelong. Every taste will be satisfied by this.

Matthias Peters’ passion for coffee has led to a new blend.

How a love of coffee arrives in the cup

The perfect enjoyment leads to an incredible taste. Discover now how Miele received their coffee Miele Black Edition N°1

Recipe for an elegant feast

Saddle of venison with juniper and rosemary

Our recipe from the Miele Test Kitchen shows you how to cook a hearty saddle of venison dish with juniper and rosemary.

Recipe with Fried Bacon Slices, Croutons and Poached Quail Eggs

Spring Salad with Coffee Vinaigrette

A salad made with coffee? Yes please! This spring salad combines the very best ingredients for the perfect light meal.

For Gretchen Röehrs, food plus paper equals fashion.

Yummy clothing

Gretchen Röehrs thinks food and fashion are inextricably linked. Using fruits and vegetables to conjure quirky designer garments is her way to create art

Enhanced with Coffee Eau De Vie and redcurrants.

Moist Mocha Chocolate Cake

Three cups of strong mocha may be a bit too much in the morning, but it’s just the right amount for a beautifully moist chocolate cake.

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