Effortless cleaning and superior results
Meet our most sustainable dishwashers yet - the G7000 series.


Built to last, Miele G7000 dishwashers leave dishes sparkling clean year after year, are A and B energy-rated and use as little as 6 litres of fresh water1. The AutoDos intelligent, automatic detergent dispensing system offers the ultimate convenience and ensures exceptional results. New basket design features offer flexibility and easy stacking for crockery of different shapes and sizes.

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G 7130 SC AutoDos
Freestanding dishwashers
with automatic dispensing thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk.
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G 7191 SCVi AD 125 Ed.
Fully integrated dishwashers
with automatic dispensing thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk.
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Dishwasher baskets

Flexible baskets and innovative features

Superior cleaning for a variety of crockery in different shapes and sizes thanks to our flexible basket design. Cleverly unlock the full potential of your dishwasher’s space with XL-Assist. Effortlessly clean your reusable bottles with our dedicated BottleClean programme and FlexCare Glass Bottle baskets. Find the perfect spot for efficient and effective cleaning of your reusable straws in our StrawClean baskets.

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Wine Glasses

Flexible loading for convenience

Make everyday cleaning easier with the adjustable 3D MultiFlex tray2. From small items of crockery, to larger utensils and tall wine glasses, rest assured that delicate glassware and crockery are safely secured for optimal care

"As a manufacturer of high-quality glasses, it is of great importance that our glasses can be cleaned perfectly and gently. In combination with Miele, glass care is child’s play with unbeatable results."

Maximilian Riedel, Riedel wine glass manufacturer

Miele PowerDisk detergent

Convenient, intelligent automatic detergent dispensing

Enjoy hassle-free dishwashing with AutoDos, the world's first automatic detergent dispensing system. PowerDisk3 dishwasher detergent is an All in One solution featuring rinse aid, salt and glassware protection. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the PowerDisk will last 20 cycles on average4.

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Spotless in less than 60 minutes

Achieve exceptional results in under an hour with the QuickPowerWash programme, leaving normally soiled crockery and dishes spotless and streak-free thanks to our fast-dissolving PowerDisk detergent.

Welcome effortless dishwashing into your home.

From an everyday chore to sustainable convenience - The G 7000 series brings together care for your dishes, your time, your wallet, and our environment.

Designed for efficiency. Built to last.

Wine glasses in dishwashers

A Miele dishwasher is a smart dishwasher

Smarten up your dishwashing and get the most out of your dishwasher with our clever Miele@home5 app. Say farewell to forgotten cycles, automate your daily routine with AutoStart, AutoDos, and PowerDisk for stress-free, spotless dishes. Receive timely alerts for detergent refills and effortlessly order accessories through our in-app shop - convenience is just one click away.

Dishwasher program

Fits seamlessly into a handleless kitchen

If you enjoy the minimal design of your handleless kitchen, you will love the seamless integration offered by our G 7000 dishwashers. With no handles to fuss over, just give the door two gentle knocks, and our Knock2open6 feature swings it open automatically. At the end of the cycle, the AutoOpenfeature automatically opens the door for you. This helps prevent the formation of mould and allows you to use your freshly cleaned dishes instantly. At the end of the cycle, the AutoOpen feature automatically opens the door for you. This helps prevent the formation of mould and allows you to use your freshly cleaned dishes instantly.

Clean dishes

Proven hygiene – keep your dishes free of viruses

Miele dishwashers offer maximum cleaning performance, reliably removing over 99.9% of viruses8. The Intensive 75°C programme is perfect for pots and pans, whilst the Hygiene programme effectively cleans items such as baby bottles and chopping boards.

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Ready for effortless dishwashing? Explore the series to dive into all available features. Visit one of our Miele Experience Centers to experience G 7000 quality and convenience firsthand.

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