Washing machine with TwinDos®

Perfect wash results, regardless of load and soiling

TwinDos® Automatic Detergent Dispensing

Always use the exact amount of detergent you need. With our unique TwinDos® system, the right amount is automatically dispensed at the right time. Experience the benefits of washing machines with the TwinDos® system, you will enjoy optimal efficiency and results, while saving time and effort.

Complimentary UltraPhase detergent with TwinDos® washing machines

Buy any Miele washing machine with TwinDos® automatic detergent dosing and receive a complimentary 6-month supply of UltraPhase detergent worth £72.49. Each TwinDos® washing machine includes a voucher to claim your detergent.

Let TwinDos® Do the Work for You

Never worry about using too much or too little detergent again: our auto dosing system is designed to add just the right amount of detergent at just the right time, with up to 30%* less waste as a result. Additionally, TwinDos® washing machines effortlessly achieve immaculate results – especially when combined with our complementary UltraPhase detergent –while keeping the tray and compartments clean.

How TwinDos® Works

Our exclusive 2-phase liquid detergent consists of two cleaning agents; UltraPhase 1 detergent is designed to clean all types of laundry, while UltraPhase 2 is designed to further enhance its effect. Before starting the Twindos® dispensing system for the first time, you will be asked to set certain parameters. The dosage amount is set automatically, but you can set specific parameters that best match your laundry and cycle. Simply place the detergent container in the special compartment, select the program, and let auto dosing do the work for you.


Adjusting the Blend and Amount

TwinDos® adjusts the blend of the two phases to the colour of the garments you select for the wash: On a white wash, it dispenses UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 in equal parts. On a colour wash, it dispenses two-thirds UltraPhase 1 and one-third UltraPhase 2.


Staged Dispensing

That UltraPhase 1 is dispensed at the start of the wash process, with UltraPhase 2 being introduced around 30 minutes later. Dispensing in stages ensures that the ingredients are used to their full potential and have maximum effect.


Done & Clean

The amount is set automatically – to match the water hardness, wash load, and type of soiling. Once the cycle is finished, all that’s left is to enjoy your clean laundry, knowing that you saved up to 30% detergent*.

Laundry basket with clothes

Optimised Consumption, Automatic Convenience

The 2-phase system is highly efficient: with a 4.5 kg load and medium hard water, UltraPhase 1 is sufficient for an average of 37 washes, whereas UltraPhase 2 handles around 50 washes on average. The appliance uses a sensor to recognise when the detergent container is empty, which is indicated in the display.

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WED 665 WCS TDos & 8kg
W1 front-loader washing machine:
A I 8 kg I 1400 rpm I Automatic dispensing I Pre-ironing I Miele@home
Available to purchase with Miele Experts. Call 0330 160 6600.
WEG665 WCS TDos&9kg
W1 front-loader washing machine:
A I 9 kg I 1400 rpm I Automatic dispensing I Pre-ironing I Miele@home
In stock
WWV980 WPS Passion
W1 front-loader washing machine:
A I 9 kg I 1600 rpm I M Touch I SteamCare I hot water
In stock
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Convenience meets sustainability

TwinDos® & UltraPhase - Designed for Each Other

UltraPhase 1 & 2 guarantee excellent stain removal for both coloured and white laundry – even at low temperatures, from 30°C and up. And thanks to the automatic dispensing system, you will never use more than needed, saving up to 30% detergent*.

Cleverly networked - Smart washing

Unlock the full potential of your Miele laundry appliances with Miele@home**, making every aspect of your home life smarter and more efficient.

TwinDos® fill levels

Monitor detergent fill levels with precision

Detailed insights:
Dive into comprehensive insights on TwinDos® cartridges' fill levels, enabling you to check and manually adjust as needed.
Visual clarity:
Visual representation through cartridge icons for an intuitive understanding of fill levels.
Proactive notifications:
Receive in-app messages notifying you when TwinDos® fill levels are running low, ensuring timely action.
Effortless reordering:
Receive a direct link to simplify the reordering process, making it quick and convenient.
Real-time monitoring:
Easily keep track of TwinDos® fill levels from anywhere, providing peace of mind.
Manual adjustment:
If fill levels aren't right, adjust them manually, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

InApp Shop

Shop seamlessly and streamline the ordering process for consumables and accessories

Versatile shopping hub:
Access laundry care, detergents and appliance accessories all in one in-app shop.
Effortless navigation:
Directly link to the in-app shop from the product page for a seamless shopping experience.
Smart notifications:
Receive push notifications when your consumable stock is low, ensuring timely re-orders and preventing last-minute shortages.
Easy reordering:
Reorder consumables and accessories with just a few clicks within the in-app shop.
One-stop shopping:
Purchase consumables and accessories without leaving the app, saving you time and effort.
Intuitive operation:
Enjoy an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for a hassle-free shopping experience.
Quality assurance:
Guarantee the best outcomes by purchasing genuine Miele products directly through the app.



We Didn’t Forget About Other Detergents

As proud as we are of our automatic dosing system, the detergent drawer also allows for manual dosing of regular powders and liquid detergents, should you prefer.

Powder & Liquid Detergents

Optimal results while safeguarding your garments - our exclusive line of laundry detergents is specifically designed to deliver unrivalled quality and performance, with specialised options for any cleaning task.

Miele Capsules

Our caps complement the performance of your Miele washing machine; benefit from a unique combination of improved hygiene, longer lasting scent, and increased longevity for your laundry.

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 *Compared to manual dosing
**Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.