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Why Noise Levels Are Important in Washing Machines

Having a washing machine with a quiet spin is becoming increasingly popular as many people prefer a low noise washing machine that doesn't disturb the peace in their home. The noise level of a washing machine is particularly important for those who live in apartments or have open plan living areas where the sound can travel.

Factors That Can Make a Washing Machine Noisy

The main factors that affect the noise level of a washing machine are the motor, the drum, and the spin cycle. A washing machine with a quiet spin is usually preferred by consumers as it produces less noise. A low noise washing machine may have a special insulation or anti-vibration features that reduce the noise level during operation.

Are Miele Washing Machines Quiet?

Miele washing machines are designed to be less noisy as standard. They use innovative technology and soundproofing materials to reduce the vibration caused by the spin cycle, and to contain the noise from the drum and motor.

They are known for their quiet operation, thanks to their advanced noise-reducing technology. Some Miele washing machines operate at around 41db, the equivalent to the background noise you’d expect in a library!

Soundproofing materials

One of the ways that noise is reduced in Miele washing machines is the selection of materials used to reduce motion and vibrations. Certain models include concrete or even cast iron to weigh down the machine and reduce vibrations. Others include a shell around the drum that reduces overall movement, eliminating the ‘bouncing’ motion that can be common on other washing machines.

Low-intensity washing programmes

If you’re looking to make things even quieter, then remember you can always select a wash cycle that includes a less intense spin cycle. You may need more time to dry your clothes, but you may notice that your Miele washing machine becomes even quieter by reducing the spin RPM! However, we find that even the fastest spin cycle washes only amount to ambient background noise.

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