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When it comes to laundry, we all want the best for our clothes - effective cleaning, gentle care, and long-lasting results. That's where Miele's revolutionary honeycomb drum comes in.


This unique technology has transformed the way we do laundry, offering numerous benefits that set it apart from traditional washing machines.


From improved cleaning performance to protecting delicate fabrics, let's dive into the many advantages of Miele's honeycomb drum and how it can elevate your laundry experience.

What Is a Honeycomb Drum?

The stainless steel drum inside our washing machines does several jobs. The first is to create a surface that moves the clothing during washing, and for the clothing to be pressed against on a drain or spin cycle to remove water. The second job is to agitate the water and detergent, to work out stains and dirt. The third job is to remove water from the drum when the washing cycle is complete.

Miele's honeycomb drum features a unique design that ensures optimal cleaning and fabric care. The drum is constructed with hexagonal-shaped dimples on the surface, resembling a honeycomb. This unique design creates four main advantages for optimal clothing care.

Water Layer

The honeycomb shape encourages a thin layer of water to form between the drum and the clothes.


This layer of water acts like a cushion, protecting delicate fabrics from friction, and reducing wear and tear. 

Smooth Drainage Holes

Additionally, the honeycomb drum's smaller perforations and smooth, chamfered edges prevent garments from getting trapped or pulled, resulting in a gentle yet effective cleaning process.


This means less snagging and fewer of those annoying bobbles that appear after clothes have been washed lots of times.

Premium Design and Materials

The drum in your Miele laundry appliance is, just like the rest of the machine, tested to last for the equivalent of 20 years*.


That means your clothes will remain protected well into the future, and you’ll need to replace your machine much less often compared to other manufacturers.

Perfect Fabric Care

If you want to reduce wrinkles in laundry or enjoy a softer, fluffier feel to your clothes, then a honeycomb drum washing machine is the best option.


With extra care with every wash from the honeycomb structure, alongside smart technology that only applies the correct amount of heat and washing detergent, your clothes will feel newer for longer with a Miele washing machine.

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