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Miele bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners

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Boost CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine - SNCF0
Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners
for the highest hygiene demands, in a compact design. 
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    Delivery time 1-3 working days
    Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Pro PowerLine - SKCF3
    Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners
    with comprehensive accessories for nearly every cleaning challenge.
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      £429.00 [1] / [2]
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      Blizzard CX1 Total Solution PowerLine - SKCF3
      Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners
      with comprehensive accessories for nearly every cleaning challenge.
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        £439.00 [1] / [2]
        Delivery time 1-3 working days
        Boost CX1 PowerLine - SNRF0
        Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners
        for maximum extraction power in a compact design. 
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          £269.00 [1] / [2]
          Delivery time longer than 14 working days
          Blizzard CX1 Blue PowerLine SKRF3
          Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners
          with EcoTeQ floorhead for energy efficient vacuuming with maximum cleaning.
            Not available online. Please call 0330 160 6630 to order with a Miele Expert.
            £339.00 [1] / [2]
            Not available online. Please call 0330 160 6630 to order with a Miele Expert.

            Miele vacuum cleaners combine classic technology with innovative features to bring you maximum cleaning performance with minimum effort. With adaptable features like integrated accessories and height adjustability, convenient storage options, and powerful performance – Miele bagless vacuum cleaners are designed with you in mind. Cleaning as seamless as possible, so you can spend time on what really matters. Cleaning with Miele.


            How effective are Miele bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners at cleaning? 


            With a host of innovative features, Miele bagless vacuum cleaners are designed to streamline your cleaning routine:

            • Vortex technology for powerful cleaning results
            • Up to 11m of operating radius
            • Integrated nozzles and vacuum heads
            • Sturdy side wheels or swivel castors
            • Telescopic pole and footswitches
            • Hygienic container separation & emptying in one click

            Despite their compact size, Miele bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners offer a powerful cleaning performance at up to 890W. Equipped with high-suction Vortex technology, Miele vacuums have an enormous air flow rate of more than 100km/h for maximum collection of dust and dirt particles. What’s more, the Blizzard CX1 vacuum even offers energy-efficient cleaning at a high-power level with its EcoTeQ Plus floorhead.

            All Miele bagless vacuum cleaners can cover an operating radius of up to 11m, allowing for multi-room vacuuming without the need to stop and relocate the power source. Vacuum across a wide range of floor types, under furniture, or in high ceiling corners – the compact, lightweight body of bagless vacuum cleaners makes for convenient mobile cleaning throughout the entire home. Miele Blizzard vacuum cleaners are fitted with four swivel castor wheels for additional manoeuvrability in all directions, while Boost models feature side wheels for stability and firm footing, even on stairs. Miele Boost vacuum cleaners also feature TrackDrive, meaning they stay directional and avoid bumping into door frames or furniture.

            Always within reach: bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners from Miele feature integrated accessories for versatile cleaning. Stored either dust-free inside the vacuum or – exclusively with Miele – on the external VarioClip, you can conveniently switch to the accessory that best meets your requirements. Removing pet hair from the couch? Struggling to access built up dust from behind the wardrobe? With specific nozzles and brush heads always within reach, you can tackle any surface or tight corner with Miele.


            How can Miele bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners make cleaning easier? 


            With intelligent designs and innovative technology, Miele has elevated the convenience of the classic vacuum cleaner. No matter what size your home may be, Miele bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners are designed to make your vacuuming routine as smooth as possible:

            No stooping – Miele bagless vacuums feature large footswitches for cable rewind and motor on/off switching with just one tap.

            Height adjustable - Every Miele bagless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a telescopic suction pole for easy user adaptability when you clean, and compact storage when you’re done.

            Practical parking systems – Depending on the model you choose; every vacuum cleaner has one or more parking systems for practical and secure storage. Simply hook the floorhead to the side of the vacuum where it will stay upright until you need it next.

            Ergonomic handling – Exclusive to Miele – some bagless vacuum cleaner models offer a flexible hose connector for comfortable handling. Manoeuvre the floorhead more easily, while taking pressure off your wrist.


            What are the benefits of bagless technology? 


            Vacuum cleaners without a bag are particularly hygienic and effective when it comes to cleaning. Despite not being confined to a bag, innovative technology and swift handling prevents dust from escaping when the container is released. Miele takes this even further by efficiently separating collected dust into two containers: coarse and fine. This separation ensures for minimal spillage when emptying the container, as finer dust is not unsettled. With one click, you can remove the dust container and empty it directly into the bin. The container replaces the need for a bag entirely. This means reduced waste and lessens the impact on both the environment and your wallet.

            The hygiene lifetime filter found in Miele Boost bagless vacuum cleaners is maintenance free and can be used to capture 99.98% of dust – without ever needing to be changed. What’s more, the filter frames are manufactured from recycled plastic for even more peace of mind. 

            All Miele Blizzard models are fitted with a Gore® CleanStream® fine dust filter which cleans itself automatically. The Miele ComfortClean self-cleaning function is activated either manually or automatically via sensors to ensure for consistently high cleaning performance throughout the entire lifetime of your vacuum cleaner.

            Miele strives to make cleaning as convenient and effortless as possible. That is why the Miele range includes both bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners, as well as cordless stick vacuum cleaners – all of which are designed with you in mind. Browse the range today and discover the right vacuum cleaner for your home. Vacuuming made easy - with Miele.

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