Mieles New range of Washer-dryers

A washer-dryer that meets your high demands without compromise

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Miele's new Washer-dryers now available online!

Designed with the user in mind

During October 2016 Miele will be releasing three new Washer-dryers, which will be available both online and in-store. Boasting new cutting edge technology and a host of new programs, the new Miele Washer-dryers are designed with the user in mind, whilst still retaining the quality and efficiency expected from a Miele. 


Optimal cleaning results

Low wash temperatures and energy-saving programmes are popular in a bid to save energy and protect the environment. Indeed, many textiles can only be washed at low temperatures. If, under these conditions, liquid detergents are used, there is a risk of germs and bacteria remaining in the machine and on fabrics and of deposits and odours occurring. 

With the AllergoWash option, Miele offers a treatment method for reducing bacteria and allergens; Freshen up guarantees the fast removal of odours on garments which have hardly been worn; and the Maintenance wash programme presents a reliable alternative for removing deposits from the machine itself.


Would you like to know more?

To learn more about these new appliances, click on the product name below:

WTF130WPM (RRP 1,799.00) 

WTH120WPH (RRP  2,299.00)

WTZH130WPS (RRP 2,399.00)


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