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Beautiful appliances. Built to last, for a better tomorrow

Every Miele appliance is designed to conserve energy and natural resources, without compromising performance.

We stock spare parts for at least 15 years, keeping older appliances working perfectly. And we recycle metal from our old machines into our new ones, to create a circular economy.

We are obsessed with quality that lasts.

Sustainable cooking appliances

Our ovens adjust to use only the perfect amount of heat needed, and our hobs heat only the area your pan requires, saving energy.


Sustainable laundry appliances

Our washing machines, tumble dryers and washer-dryers minimise water, detergent and energy consumption. And our honeycomb drum protects your clothes, so they also last longer. 

Sustainable vacuum cleaners

Our energy-efficient vacuums clean perfectly even at the lowest power setting, and our filters leave behind a cleaner environment.


Sustainable cooling appliances

Our fridges extend shelf life by up to 5 times, avoiding food waste and maintaining freshness and perfect taste.


Sustainable dishwashers

Our dishwashers use as little as six litres of water, and also reduce detergent consumption by up to 30%.


Miele is the Which? Large Kitchen Appliance Brand of the Year 2020

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