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Every Miele appliance is designed to conserve energy and natural resources.

Our dishwashers are tested to the equivalent of 20 years' use, and are built using high grade, recyclable materials.

And with best in class energy efficiency and features designed to maximise space and reduce energy and water use, Miele dishwashers help you to minimise your environmental impact.

We are obsessed with quality that lasts.

High build quality and total attention to detail

Tested to last for 20 years' use

We test our dishwashers for the equivalent of 20 years' use by running the 75ºC programme 7500 times, by opening and closing the door 100,000 times, and pulling the baskets in and out 100,000 times.

We build our dishwashers with high grade, recyclable materials, and ensure they are easy to repair. We also ensure spare parts are available for at least 15 years, keeping older appliances running perfectly for longer.

Low energy and water consumption

Maximum space, minimum resources

Thanks to our constant focus on sustainability, our dishwashers automatically adjust the amount of detergent and water required for every load, enabling a full cycle to use as little as 6 litres of water - that's less than a sink.

And with our versatile cutlery tray - standard on all Miele dishwashers - more space is available for larger items, helping to increase the number of dishes washed in each load.

Our dishwashers can also be safely connected to a hot water supply, reducing heating up time and energy use by up to 40%, whilst our AutoOpen drying feature and full wash cycles of only 58 minutes ensure perfect results.

"Miele dishwashers are some of the very best and longest lasting. "

Which? January 2020

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Make a better choice

Every Miele appliance is designed to conserve energy and natural resources. Learn about our other appliance ranges and how they can help you to be more sustainable.

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