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Miele vacuum sealing drawer features

Perfect conditions for food storage or preparing food for sous vide cooking. The new vacuum-sealing drawer features a wide variety of applications. Is there anything better than conjuring up a meal with minimum effort which lives up to the picture in the cookbook?

The versatile vacuum sealing drawer

Good flavour retained

The new vacuum sealing drawer from Miele offers you a huge range of potential applications: vacuum sealing means you can maintain the quality of your food, make it last longer or prepare it for sous-vide cooking. This is all simple and straightforward: pack the food in plastic, remove the air, then create an airtight vacuum seal. For example, you can easily vacuum seal leftovers and freeze them – the nutrients, flavour and vitamins are retained much longer than with conventional freezing. Vacuum sealing also prevents freezer burn. You also save lots of space in your freezer. Liquids such as soups can be vacuum sealed with no problem too. Divide it into portions, store it and prepare it for culinary perfection – all with a single appliance.

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Sous-vide – gentle cooking in a vacuum

Gentle cooking for maximum enjoyment

“Sous-vide” is French and means “under vacuum”. With this method, you cook your food in a vacuum sealing bag at a constantly maintained low temperature in a steam oven. This gentle method is particularly highly recommended when cooking meat, fish, vegetables or fruit, because the low heat and the longer cooking duration ensures that important nutrients and flavours are retained.

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Perfect design to suit every taste

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