Sous-vide – gentle cooking in a vacuum

Gentle cooking for maximum enjoyment

The tenderest meat 

Tender and flavoursome – the sous-vide cooking method cooks beef, pork or poultry particularly slowly at a constant low temperature, making the meat exceptionally succulent and tender. The meat cells relax but the juices do not escape. It is also impossible to overcook your food. But what if you still want the roasting flavours? No problem: simply sear the food on the hob either before vacuum sealing or after sous-vide cooking. This will ensure that it is perfectly cooked inside and out. 

For exceptional flavour 

Maximum flavour: the sous-vide cooking method guarantees sheer culinary perfection. A major advantage of this method is that food is cooked completely evenly with the aim of reaching a specific core temperature. This ensures that the surface of the food is not overcooked. As the aromas cannot react with oxygen, the food retains its full flavour along with its vitamins and nutrients. As an additional benefit, cooking losses are significantly reduced compared to conventional cooking methods because the moisture stays in the food. Vacuum-seal your food together with spices or a marinade prior to sous-vide cooking for an intense flavour experience. Cooking results are always reproducible. 

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