The versatile vacuum sealing drawer

Good flavour retained

Pure enjoyment and natural taste 

 Food tastes best when it is fresh. But who has the time to buy fresh ingredients every day? And what do you do when you have leftovers? With the Miele vacuum sealing drawer, you can significantly extend the storage life of your food. Removing air and oxygen preserves the quality of the food – whether it is meat, fruit or vegetables – much more effectively than conventional storage, e.g. in plastic containers or loose in the fridge. Vacuum sealing is also ideal for portioning or freezing food.

Practical help for day-to-day life 

The new vacuum sealing drawer from Miele can help with all kinds of applications, whether you are portioning, storing, marinating or preparing food for sous-vide cooking. Vacuum sealing food – either fresh or precooked – means that it can be stored for much longer and the flavours are preserved more effectively. And it's not just everyday foods that are suitable for vacuum sealing – this gentle method can also be used for delicate specialities. 

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