The Exclusive Collection: Laundry Appliances

The Exclusive Collection: Laundry Appliances

Discover a selection of exclusive appliances and benefits when you buy direct from Miele

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The Exclusive Laundry Collection

We know that when it comes to choosing the appliances to compliment your dream home you're only interested in the best. That's why you can trust Miele to look after the things you love.  Featuring the WCR870 & WWV980 front-loading washing machines, the TWV680 heat-pump tumble dryer, and the WTZH130 washer-dryer,

Our exclusive collection is a selection of our finest appliances with exclusive offers only available when you buy direct from Miele. The exclusive products in Laundry are the WCR870 & WWV980 front-loading washing machines which both come with a 10 year warranty, TwinDos Washing machine with Wifi capabilitly. 

The collection also includes the WTZH130 washer dryer, which has many great features including with TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing and a large 8kg drum capacity for washing and 5kg capacity for drying. 

You will get perfect results with the FashionMaster B3826 Iron. Featuring the Honeycomb structure sole plate and an active ironing table. 

What's more, these products come with free delivery, installation and we will even recycle your old appliance, at no additional cost.

To learn more about the appliances that are offered in The Exclusive Collection, please click the product names or products tab above.


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Discover the Exclusive Collection

WDB030 Washing Machine

The WDB030 W1 Classic front-loading washing machine can hold up to 7 kg of laundry with reliable Miele quality at an attractive price.  

Your garments will be treated with gentle care thanks to the hexagonal sculptured surface of the patented Miele honeycomb drum which creates a thin film of water to cushion your clothes during the cycle.

This washing machine is not only quiet, but is also powerful and energy-saving. With our maintenance free ProfiEco motor and an A+++ energy rating, this washing machine is amongst the most economical and quiet.

RRP: £749.00

Includes a 5 year warranty, free delivery, installation, and removal of old appliance.

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WCR870 WPS PWash2.0 & TDos XL & WiFi

Discover the WCR870 WPS Front-loading washing machine with TwinDos and CapDosing for perfect laundry care. With an A+++ energy efficiency rating you know you're getting the most efficient washing machine.  The WCR870 features TwinDos, Miele’s automatic detergent dispensing system, which calculates precisely the amount of detergent your precious clothes need, for the smartest, most caring clean.

This washing machine is also Smart-enabled, meaning you can take advantage of our Miele@Mobile app. The app allows you to operate your appliance conveniently from your smartphone and also helps to determine the most suitable programme for the wash load. What’s more it will even remind you to order more detergent when you are running low.


RRP: £ 1,599.00

Includes a 10 year warranty, delivery, installation, and removal of old appliance.

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WWV980 WPS Passion

The WWV980 WPS Passion is a 9kg  frontloading washing machine with TwinDos, Miele's automatic liquid detergent dispensing system, convenient touch screen displays, and  PowerWash 2.0 - quick and economical for both large and small loads. 

With over 25 washing programmes covering everything from Wool to Sportswear and Outerwear, the WWV980 is the perfect washing machine to suit just about any lifestyle. What's more, the WWV9800 has a A+++ -40% energy rating, and thanks to SteamCare you can cut down your ironing by up to 50%, using steam to smooth your garments gently and effectively.

RRP: £2,199.00

Includes free 10 year warranty, delivery, installation, and removal of old appliance.​

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TWV680 WP Passion

The TMV680 WP is a front loading heat-pump tumble dryer with a large 9kg capacity. Convenience is key, the TMV680 WP features PerfectDry, LED Drum Lighting, delay start / time countdown, A+++ -10% energy rating, Brushless ProfiEco Motor, easy access fluff filter, FragrenceDos2, 62dB(A), Glass Door, SteamFinish, WiFi for use with Miele@Mobile, M Touch interface, Dry Assistant and 20 drying programs covering everything from Delicates to Sportswear, including Steam Smoothing and Gentle Smoothing, leaving you with perfectly laundered clothes.

What's more, thanks to integrated condensate drainage, there's no need to empty condensate from the appliance as it's drained off via a hose directly into the sink or a U-tube. With a door hinged on the left or right, this is the perfect appliance for any kitchen or laundry room. 

RRP: £2,199.00

Includes free delivery, installation, and removal of old appliance.

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WTZH130 WPM PWash 2.0 & TDos XL

The WTZH130 WPM is a brand new addition to the Miele Laundry range that can wash and dry up to 5kg of laundry in under 4 hours. With an 8kg drum, the new Washer-dryer is designed with the user in mind, featuring 13 washing and 11 drying programs, as well as Miele's unique automated detergent dispensing system. Twindos  helps you by adding just the right amount of detergent, whatever your wash load. 

The innovative washer-dryer is equipped with QuickPowerWash&Dry - the perfect programme for when you need to wash or dry in a hurry, and CapDosing - portioned capsules that allow the addition of special detergents, conditioners and additives with ease. 

RRP: 2,199.00

Includes free delivery, installation, and removal of old appliance.

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B3826 FashionMaster

The Miele B3826 FashionMaster is an all-in-one steam ironing system with an enhanced display panel and an active ironing table with integrated fans for perfect ironing results. The honeycomb-structured soleplate of the iron will glide effortlessly over your garments and the non-stick sole plate means it can be used directly on all fabrics from silks to those with applique designs, without damaging them. The 4.0 bar steam pressure compliments the suction and inflation function integrated into the active ironing board to achieve professional results.

The innovative 1-2-Lift system lets you set up and fold away the FashionMaster table effortlessly in just a few seconds so it is easy to use and simple to store away.

Includes free delivery 

RRP: £ 1,449.00

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Terms and Conditions

Laundry promotions

  1. This applies to the WDB030, WCE670, the WMV960 WPS, WTZH130 and the TMV840 WP only.
  2. The promotion will run from the 1st February 2017 to the 31st December 2019.
  3. This promotion is only available when the qualifying products are purchased directly from Miele UK. 
  4. Purchases made in other retailers and the Republic of Ireland are not included in this promotion.
  5. This promotion is a consumer promotion and is not available to the staff or family of any Miele retailer or Miele employee.
  6. This promotion only applies to new stock and does not include Grade B and C.