Complimentary Workshop Coffee Subscription and entry into Miele Kaffeehaus

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Complimentary Workshop Coffee subscription and entry into Miele Kaffeehaus with every countertop coffee machine

Campaign period: This promotion runs until the 31st May 2019, all applications must be received by 30th June 2019.


About this campaign

With the purchase of a countertop coffee machine you have the opportunity to redeem a subscription to Workshop Coffee, a complimentary year’s supply of care collection* for your machine and join the Miele Kaffeehaus which provides you with hints and tips as to how to make your perfect coffee as well as the latest coffee trends.

CM 6150CM 5500, CM 5300, and CM 6350 come with a 6 month subscription worth £66

CM 7550 and CM 7750 come with a 12 month subscription worth  £132

* For CM6 and CM73 models a year’s supply of care is 1 x Descaling Tablets, 1 x Cleaning Tablets, 1 x Milk Pipework Cleaner, 1 x Silicon Grease worth £65.96

* For the CM75 a year’s supply of care is 1 x Descaling Cartridge, 1 x Cleaning Tablets, 1 x Milk Pipework Cleaner, 1 x Silicon Grease worth £98.46


Who are Workshop Coffee?

Based in Bethnal Green, Workshop Coffee are unique in that not only do they roast their own beans and have four coffee bars throughout London, but you can also purchase their beans in their shops or through their website. Sourcing is paramount to Workshop and the greatest care is taken in choosing which particular coffees will be featured in their range, intending to showcase the best coffee possible. This means they work closely with the best coffee growers, producers, exporters and co-operatives, ensuring their coffee closely reflects growing and harvesting seasons around the world.


What is Miele Kaffeehaus?

When you purchase a Miele Bean-to-Cup machine you will become a member of an exclusive club: Miele Kaffeehaus. You will receive a set of emails which will highlight how to get the most out of your machine and the Workshop beans to help you create your perfect coffee. As well as this there will be seasonal updates on the latest beans and coffee trends.


Having problems redeeming your subscription? 

If you require assistance redeeming your subscription, please choose one of the below contact options:

 - Click here to send us a message

- Call our customer services on 0330 160 660


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Products valid for 6 month subscription

Products valid for 12 month subscription


Terms and Conditions

1.     The promotional offer of a Workshop Coffee subscription only applies only to the specified countertop models, as shown on the "products" tab.

2.     The CM 6110, CM6150 , CM 6310,  CM5500 , CM5300, and CM6350 qualify for a 6 month subscription. The CM7300 and CM7500 qualify for a 12 month subscription

3.     The subscription qualifies you for one 250g bag of Workshop Coffee each month, the bean will change during this period

4.     The promotion will run from the 1st March 2018 to the 31st May 2019.

5.     To validate your claim, a copy of your proof of purchase must be received by the 30th June 2019; we will not validate any claims where a proof of purchase is received after this date.

6.     Only one claim is permitted per qualifying model purchased per customer. 

7.     This promotion is only available through Miele retailers in England, Scotland, Wales and Currys Northern Ireland. Purchases made in other retailers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are not included in this promotion.

8.     This promotion is a consumer promotion and is not available to the staff or family of any Miele retailer or Miele employee. 

9.     This promotion only applies to new stock and does not include grade B and C. 

10.   Please allow 28 days for delivery of your first bag of coffee, you will then receive monthly deliveries close to the date of delivery of each month

11.   If purchased direct, please allow 28 days for delivery of your care collection which will be delivered separately to your coffee and may arrive in individual deliveries.