Receive up to £200 off selected Dishwashing Appliances

Receive up to £200 off selected Dishwashing appliances. Use the voucher codes below or click the register now link to register for a non-direct purchase.

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Receive up to £200 off selected Dishwashing Appliances

Please note

This promotion has now ended, any claims must be made before 30th September 2018.

About this promotion     

Receive up to £200 off purchases on selected Dishwashing appliances when purchasing direct or through a Miele retailer. Receive £200 discount on the Miele G6660SCVi,  £150 off the G4990SCVi and £100 off the G4263SCVi & G6630SC. 

Please note that these offers can be redeemed via voucher code if purchasing direct from Miele or cashback registration if you have purchased from a Miele retailer. 


When purchasing from a Miele retailer: 

If you have purchased from a Miele retailer, please register for your cashback by clicking the registration links on the image above.


When purchasing direct from the Miele website: 

Use one of the below voucher codes to redeem you discount by following the below steps

1. Please make sure you are logged into or create a Miele account.

2. Add the product to basket and enter the voucher code at checkout to receive your discount. 

3. Follow the rest of the checkout process


G6660SAVE for £200 off the G6660SCVi dishwasher

G4990SAVE for £150 off the G4990SCVi dishwasher

G4263SAVE for £100 off the G4263SCVi dishwasher

G6630SAVE for £100 off the G6630SC dishwasher. 


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1. The promotional offer of up to up to £200 cashback on selected dishwashing appliances applies only to the specified models below.

  • £200 Cashback on the Miele G6660SCVi
  • £150 Cashback on the Miele G4990SCVi
  • £100 Cashback on the Miele G4263SCVi
  • £100 Cashback on the Miele G6630SC

2. The promotion will run from 20th June until 31st July. cashback registrations must be received by 31st August

4. Only one claim is permitted per qualifying model purchased per customer. 

5. This promotion is only available through Miele Online Shop and Miele Direct.

6. This promotion is a consumer promotion and is not available to the staff or family of any Miele retailer or Miele employee. 

7. This promotion only applies to new stock and does not include grade B and C.