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“Steam ready” indicator light flashes 4 times and “Water container empty” indicator lights up

The “Steam ready” indicator light flashes 4 times and the “Water container empty” indicator lights up on the steam ironing system.

The water container is not recognised by the steam ironing system or has not been correctly fitted.

Switch off the steam ironing system and fill the water container with fresh water (approx. 15–35 °C).

Put the water container back in place and switch on the steam ironing system.

The  indicator light (boiler too hot) lights up. Once the boiler has cooled down, it is emptied automatically. Then the boiler is automatically refilled and becomes ready to produce steam.

The water filter is clogged or missing.

Remove the plug from the socket before starting work.

To unclip the water container from the retainer, pull down the handle.

Pull the water container upwards and out.

Use a crosshead screwdriver to undo the screw for the water filter cover and lift up the cover to remove it.

There is a hook on the water filter cover. Use the hook to pull the sealing ring up and out of the socket on the right.

There is a round retainer tool on the water filter cover. Press the round retainer tool onto the water filter from above.

The round retainer tool engages in the water filter.

Pull the water filter out of the socket.

Detach the water filter from the round tool.

Clean the water filter thoroughly under running water.

Insert the water filter with its sealing ring pointing downwards.

Press the water filter all the way into the socket on the right-hand side.

The sealing ring has a top and a bottom. On the bottom, there is a narrow groove.

Insert the sealing ring with the groove pointing downwards.

Insert the sealing ring.

Place the water filter cover over the socket.

Use a crosshead screwdriver to tighten the screw.

The water filter is damaged.

To order a new water filter, please contact the Miele Customer Service Department.

If the fault persists, please contact us or book a repair appointment online.

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