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Ironing board cover very damp

The ironing board cover for the steam ironing system is very damp. Never use the steam ironing system without an ironing board cover.

Due to frequent ironing at the tip of the ironing board, condensation water collects under the ironing board, since the steam cannot dissipate there properly.

Press the On/Off switch  and remove the plug from the socket.

Wait until the steam ironing system has cooled down.

Open the ironing board cover at the tip of the ironing board. Then pull off the ironing board cover towards the tower. Leave the felt pad on the ironing board.

When the ironing board cover is dry, pull it onto the ironing board by starting at the tower and moving towards the tip.

Use the cord to pull the ironing board cover taut. Ensure the cover is secure.

Tie off the cord of the ironing board cover and insert it into the hollow space at the tip of the ironing board.

To prevent this problem in future, try to iron in the middle of the ironing board. This will ensure that the steam is dissipated really well.

The fan is not running.

In order for the fan to work, the ironing board must be clicked into place on both sides of the tower.

Click the ironing board into place correctly on both sides of the tower.

The ironing board makes an audible clicking sound on both sides.

If the fault persists, please contact us or book a repair appointment online.

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