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Green or brown water is leaking out of the iron

Green or brown water, steam or water droplets are leaking out of the steam ironing system every so often.

There are deposits or descaling tablet residues inside the boiler.
Water droplets form inside the iron that cannot be vaporised.

How to rinse the iron:

Have a pot or other metal container with a capacity of 1.5–2 l on hand.

Fill the water container and switch on the steam ironing system.

Set the temperature selector to 0 and wait until the steam ironing system indicates the “steam ready” state.

Place the iron on the pot or metal container in such a way that the steam openings of the iron are unobstructed.

Move the slider for continuous steam.

The steam ironing system switches off automatically after 3 minutes if the iron is not moved.

Subsequently, you can use the steam ironing system as normal.

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