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“Descale” indicator lights up frequently

The “Descale” indicator lights up frequently.

The water hardness has not been set yet.

Your local water authority or municipal utility company can tell you how hard your water is. Alternatively, you can determine the water hardness yourself by using the test strips included with the descaling tablets.

Set your water hardness.

Switch the steam ironing system off.

Press and hold the  button (Descale) and press the On/Off switch  at the same time.

When the  indicator light (Descale) lights up yellow, release the  button (Descale).

The  indicator light (Water container empty) flashes.

Compare the flashing pattern with the water hardness table that can be found in the operating instructions.

To increase the set water hardness, press the  button (Descale). Each press of the button increases it by 1 level. When the highest value is reached, the setting starts again at level 1.

The  indicator light (Water container empty) flashes according to the setting you select.

To exit the setting, press the On/Off switch .

Consult the operating instructions for further information.

Operating Instructions finder

Operating Instructions finder

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