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Miele wall-mounted and island cooker hood features

Miele wall-mounted or island cooker hoods boast clean, strong lines and perfect workmanship. The classic wall-mounted cooker hood is available in a puristic stainless-steel look or as a modern variant featuring lots of glass and a slanted screen.  The island variant is a real eye-catcher and forms an attractive design highlight at the centre of your kitchen.

Wall and island cooker hoods

A focal point for your kitchen

Miele offers two different designs of this type of cooker hood: These Miele cooker hoods feature clean, prominent lines and perfect workmanship. Whether installed on a wall or over an island, these cooker hoods always attract attention.

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Appliance widths

How wide does your cooker hood need to be?

How wide does the cooker hood need to be? This depends firstly on the width of the hob and secondly on the size of your kitchen. It is important for the cooker hood to be slightly wider than the hob below it. Only then can you be certain of capturing all the rising steam and vapours and benefit fully from the cooker hood’s power. If there is not enough space for this, then the cooker hood should be at least as wide as the hob.

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Operating modes

The right mode for every space configuration

Intelligent technology ensures an optimum room climate - in every kitchen situation.

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Miele cooker hoods in motion

The ideal position for every work situation

The very best in ergonomics, highly efficient extraction and perfect integration into the kitchen - Miele technology. It’s simply stunning.

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Ventilation technology

Expertise in the field of ventilation technology

Good vent ducting is very important if your cooker hood is to function at its best. With new guidelines and regulations worldwide, ventilation technology is continually being developed and improved for domestic installations. The Miele range includes cooker hoods to suit all requirements, as well as all the accessories required for ensuring optimum functionality.

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