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Miele warming drawers & vacuum drawer features

Miele drawers are true all-rounders. Not only do they bring your cups, plates and bowls to the required temperature in the shortest possible time, they are also ideal food warmers. The low temperature cooking mode is an exceptional feature. This function can be used to prepare perfect dishes without any stress.

Vacuum-sealing drawers

Perfect conditions for food storage or preparing food for sous vide cooking. The new vacuum-sealing drawer features a wide variety of applications. Is there anything better than conjuring up a meal with minimum effort which lives up to the picture in the cookbook?

Gourmet warming drawers

Miele drawers can be used for a wide range of applications. Not only can crockery be pre-warmed and food kept at serving temperature inside the drawer, the Gourmet warming drawers can also be used for cooking food. Miele drawers also have a fourth feature – a low temperature cooking mode for stress-free preparation of meat and other food.

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