Niche and appliance sizes

Fits in (almost) any niche

Independent use 

No suitable niche available? Then a countertop appliance that you can position anywhere on the worktop is the perfect solution. The 26-litre oven compartment with a 32 cm diameter turntable can accommodate plates, bowls or several small items. 

For small niches

The best way to make use of small niches: with a height of just 35 cm, the appliance fits perfectly in dresser units or wall units.The SideControl appliances with an oven compartment of 17 litres are the ideal solution for kitchens with limited space. Despite their compact dimensions, these appliances are powerful and can be used to heat up food and drinks or prepare snacks quickly in between meals. The 28 cm diameter turntable can accommodate a plate or several small items such as cups.

Diverse combinations

Choose a set of appliances which suit your personal needs: our TopControl appliances can be combined with other Miele built-in appliances, such as a coffee machine or steam oven.The large stainless steel oven compartment provides plenty of space for cooking larger items of food – whole chickens or bakes, for example. The 40 cm diameter turntable is designed for convenient, flexible use and can accommodate multiple containers, cups or plates at the same time. All of these features make your microwave oven a reliable partner when it comes to preparing food on a larger scale.

Features depend on model. Images are only examples and used for explanation purposes

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