Perfect integration into your kitchen environment

Which exterior design would you like?

Blackboard edition

Blackboard edition refrigerators have a blackboard front made of glass and are a real highlight in every kitchen. Let your creativity run free and write, paint and draw on the appliance front with conventional chalk or liquid chalk markers. A central communication tool in your kitchen – with a personal touch.

Brilliant white

For bright kitchens with style, Miele offers freestanding refrigerators with a brilliant white glass front – perfectly matched to the Generation 6000 built-in appliances.


White lacquered refrigerators are the classic products for modern as well as traditional kitchen environments. They work especially well in light surroundings.

Obsidian black

Freestanding refrigerators from Miele are also available with high-quality glass fronts in Obsidian black. Only Miele offers such a perfect match with the built-in Generation 6000 appliances.

Stainless steel/CleanSteel

What makes stainless steel CleanSteel appliance fronts so special is their high-quality appearance and the fact that they are particularly easy to clean. A special surface finish makes fingerprints virtually invisible on CleanSteel and no special cleaning agents are required.

Stainless-steel look

Miele freestanding refrigerators in stainless-steel look are an elegant accent in your kitchen. The lacquered surface blends perfectly into kitchens with matt metal features.

Features depend on model. Images are only examples and used for explanation purposes

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