Rotary ironer

You can now iron table or bed linen effortlessly at home – so there is no need to make a trip to use a commercial rotary ironer. And did you know you can also use the rotary ironer to iron garments such as T-shirts or jeans?


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The champions against creases and wrinkles

Do you think that rotary ironers are old fashioned and inconvenient? If this is the case, then you have never worked with a rotary ironer from Miele. The benefits will soon convince you otherwise. Ironing has never been so quick or easy! Compared to conventional ironing methods, you can save considerable effort and reduce ironing time by up to 50 %.brThis leaves you more time for the nicer things in life!

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Shorter ironing times, longer enjoyment.

Miele – laundry care at its ultimate level. Perfectly matched washing machines, dryers and care products guarantee optimum gentle care of your textiles. Add the finishing touch to your laundry with outstanding ironing results.

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Less time ironing, more time relaxing

Miele’s rotary ironers smooth out creases in a huge range of textiles and laundry items, and more quickly and conveniently than any steam iron. Depending on the item, you could spend 30 to 50 % less time than when ironing by hand, leaving you more time for the nicer things in life.

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Space-saving storage

Simple storage: using the convenient folding mechanism, you can fold up the ironer and store it neatly in a niche or utility room. The appliance needs just 0.2 m2 of space and with four rollers it is easy to move around. Its robust construction and a supporting base ensure a secure stand.

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