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Miele ironing appliance features

It's all about the finish: Whether you are caring for an evening gown, your favourite jeans or your table linen, Miele has the perfect solution. With our FashionMaster, you can iron garments quickly and conveniently – for perfect style, every day. And you can get the creases out of your table and bed linen in no time with our rotary ironer.


Complete your look: from a silk blouse to a pair of chinos, you can trust the Miele FashionMaster with any of your favourite items. The revolutionary steam ironing system with numerous features makes ironing incredibly easy and gentle – for example, thanks to the structure of the honeycomb soleplate .

Rotary ironer

You can now iron table or bed linen effortlessly at home – so there is no need to make a trip to use a commercial rotary ironer. And did you know you can also use the rotary ironer to iron garments such as T-shirts or jeans?

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