More things you should know about Miele coffee machines

Wide range of beverages

Huge selection of coffee and tea specialities

With your Miele coffee machine, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of speciality beverages. From a powerful espresso through to a really creamy latte, there is no limit to the coffees you can make. You can also benefit from the DoubleShot function, which uses twice the amount of coffee for the beverage in question, but brews it for a shorter time.The result is an unbelievably intense flavour. Velvety milk froth can be the perfect finishing touch to a coffee experience. And you can whip this up really easily with your Miele appliance too – then enjoy it on its own, in your coffee or made into hot chocolate. Prefer to drink tea? Whether it is black tea, fruit tea, green tea or chai – your coffee machine offers a range of types. So there is always the right beverage for anyone's taste. 

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Discover a new freedom and more options 

Greater freedom thanks to optimum networking: enjoy maximum convenience and use your Miele coffee machine even when you're not at home – or just from the sofa. You can use your smartphone or tablet to easily make settings remotely or to prepare any speciality coffee you like with MobileStart. What's more, coffee beans or cleaning agents can be ordered quickly and simply via the Miele@mobile app. 

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