Miele PowerDisk

PowerDisk Dishwasher Detergent for AutoDos function

Your Dishwasher Detergent for Superior Cleaning Results

Achieve sparkling clean dishes with PowerDisk dishwasher detergent - designed to excel in dishwashers equipped with AutoDos technology - formulated to take on even the most stubborn food deposits with ease. Our detergents come in resource-friendly packaging, the cups are made from 100% recycled plastics.


Complimentary PowerDisk detergent

Complimentary PowerDisk detergent with G 7000 AutoDos dishwashers

Buy a dishwasher with AutoDos function from the G 7000 range and receive a complimentary 6 pack of PowerDisk detergent worth £57.49. Each G 7000 dishwasher with AutoDos function includes a voucher to redeem your PowerDisk pack.

Experience Care-Free Dishwashing

Unlock the true potential and convenience of your Miele AutoDos dishwasher with PowerDisk. By automatically dispensing just the right amount of granulate at the right time, it does the work for you – allowing you to simply enjoy the benefits of effective dishwashing.

A Powerful Combination

Exceptional Cleaning Results in Less than an Hour

PowerDisk is compatible with all washing programmes, but it truly shines when used alongside the QuickPowerWash programme, delivering impeccable cleaning and drying results in under an hour.

Active Oxygen Technology

Sparkling Clean Hygiene

Eliminate germs and bacteria from your dishwasher with the PowerDisk’s Active Oxygen technology. Beyond ensuring pristine-looking dishes, it also purifies and disinfects your dishwasher - accomplishing a truly hygienic result.

Dishwashing Efficiency Made Easy

The Convenience of Automatic Dispensing

Place the PowerDisk in your dishwasher and let it run independently for up to 20 cycles (approx. 1 month). The detergent is added to the washing cycle automatically, providing you with a reliable, convenient, and efficient cleaning routine.

Watch the PowerDisk in Action

Putting the PowerDisk to the Test

Environmentally friendly and recyclable - the PowerDisk cups are made from 100 % recycled plastic.


Efficient & Convenient

Meet Miele’s original automatically dispensed dishwasher detergent. Designed to optimize the performance of your AutoDos dishwasher, our exclusive powder granules clean your dishes efficiently and hygienically – ensuring spotless dishes.

PowerDisk Eco

Even more sustainable

Designed for automatic dosing, PowerDisk ECO is biodegradable, free from microplastics, and comes in a container made from 100% recycled plastic. Fragrance-, and dye-free, it is made with plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly powder granules - offering a completely sustainable dishwashing experience.

Superior Cleaning & Convenience

Offering a selection of regular and value packs.

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AutoDos & PowerDisk - Perfect Synergy

Did our range of PowerDisk dishwasher detergents get you excited, but you don't own a dishwasher with automatic dispensing capabilities? Discover the power and convenience of dishwashers with AutoDos technology.