Miele Vacuums

Experience high quality and strong performance vacuum cleaners with powerful suction and added convenience. Choose from a range of bagless vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, and bagged vacuum cleaners to find a device that matches your needs. With vortex technology and intelligent filtering, ensure that your home is not only clean but also hygienic.




Miele Vacuums

Compact bagged vacuum cleaners still ensure a large capacity vacuum cleaner, with the bonus of saving space with the same powerful suction and comprehensive accessories to tackle any cleaning challenge. For those with busy lives, robot vacuum cleaners add innovation to your cleaning roster, allowing you to enjoy your home with automated cleaning.

Our most reliable vacuum cleaners yet

Convenience is crafted in technology. Miele’s high-performance motors and optimal design demonstrate how efficient airflow and power can provide the best cleaning standards on the market. Find a vacuum cleaner to fit your home and lifestyle. Pet owners can benefit from our effective Turbobrush, combatting dog and cat hair on every type of surface. Remove odour from your home with the Active Airclean filtration system, working to achieve a clean and hygienic environment with an active charcoal filter.


Innovation is at the centre of all Miele’s products. Our vacuum cleaners are created with technology at their core, driven by results of cleanliness, hygiene, power, and efficiency. Performance motors and intelligent filtration systems are combined to create our best vacuum cleaners yet.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Miele is changing everything you know about bagless vacuum cleaners. High-performance motors create vortex technology, allowing powerful cleaning when combined with our unique airflow design. Clean every angle and crevice in your house with convenient accessories and 360° castors. Hygiene is ensured through intelligent filtration systems, utilising a dust-free exhaust filter that requires no maintenance. The innovative dust separation filter allows for convenient and hygienic emptying with no fuss.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Miele’s best bagged vacuum cleaners achieve high suction power, utilising a telescopic tube for thorough and convenient cleaning. No matter the surface, a bagged vacuum cleaner can adapt to its surroundings, meaning that dust and dirt and carpet or hard floors can be cleaned. Use a range of comprehensive accessories to eliminate dust, and enjoy cleaner air with an intelligent filtration system that guarantees a more hygienic home.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Find a range of the best cordless vacuum cleaners from Miele, combining convenient and easy cleaning with the same powerful suction you would expect from an upright vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to reach every part of your home, high and low, so you can easily cover stairs while adapting to carpet or hard flooring.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Innovation meets convenience with a robot vacuum cleaner. Don’t let your busy schedule or cleaning barriers get in the way of having a dust-free, hygienic home. Miele’s robot vacuum cleaner’s intelligent design allows it to recognise your home, cleaning across all rooms and floor types with unrestricted access from your mobile device.

Hygiene Guaranteed

Miele vacuum cleaners don’t just pick up dirt from your carpets and hard floors. They also create a more hygienic home, using unique air filtration systems that trap dust and eliminate odour. Convenience and cleanliness are combined with dust removal and disposal systems.

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