How to find the right ironing appliance for your household

Looking to buy a new iron but don’t know where to start? Use our buying guide to find the right ironing system that matches your specific needs and wishes, by simply running through a few questions.


Let our Buying Guide show you the way

By answering a few questions about your ironing wishes, our buying guide will know which type and features are best suited for your specific setup.

• Which ironing system matches your household? Does your laundry demand a compact steam ironing system with garment steamer, specific ironing board and board cover, or rotary ironing system for a wide variety of textiles; our buying guide will help you discover which type is right for you.

• How much pressure do you need? Some models offer additional pressure for extra penetration, up to 4 bar, to professionally handle the creases in your clothing. The steam penetrates even thick, dense materials using bursts of steam or continuous steam delivery.

• Which features and specs are important for you? Our ironing systems come with a wide range of options and features, such as an active suction system that keeps clothing in place, the option to refresh clothing with steam, or additional tank so you never lose steam output.


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