How to find the right drawer type for your kitchen

Looking to buy a new warming drawer but don’t know where to start? Use our buying guide to find the right model that matches your specific kitchen and appliances, by simply running through a few questions.


Let our Buying Guide show you the way

By answering a few questions about your wishes and kitchen, our buying guide will know which type of drawer is best suited for your specific setup.

• Which type of drawer matches your usage? Our buying guide will help you discover if a vacuum sealing or gourmet drawer is right for you, and which one matches your oven and preferred temperatures.

• Which design matches your kitchen? We have colour options to match any design – including stainless steel, and uniquely characteristic grey, white, and black options.

• Which dimensions match your crockery usage? Our drawers are available in various dimensions, so you can always find the size that matches the number of people in your household or number of dishes you prepare at the same time.


Vacuum sealing drawer

Gourmet warming drawer