Fixed Price Repair

A “Fixed Price Repair” is a repair service offered at a fixed price that is agreed upon prior to the service visit. With this one-off payment the total repair costs are covered to get the machine back up and running.

When an appliance has a malfunction, it can be a stressful time and bring uncertainty of the cost to repair the failure. The “Fixed Price Repair” brings peace of mind, with a one-off payment, covering the total cost to repair your machine.

The “Fixed Price Repair” covers the full cost of call-out, labour and the required spare parts to get your appliance back in good working condition.

Full coverage:

 - The call out charge

 - All labour and spare parts to fix the appliance for the reported fault at time of booking, including subsequent visits should we need to order spare parts that are not available on the technician’s van

 - Parts and labour guarantee for 12 months on the conducted repair, starting from the repair date

The costs for a “Fixed Price Repair” are £289.00 including VAT for laundry appliances, £309.00 including VAT for kitchen appliances and £339.00 including VAT for coffee machines in NI.

Please note that the “Fixed Price Repair” charge needs to be paid in full either at the time of booking or at the latest 24 hours prior to the technicians’ visit.

Yes. Should the appliance require lifting assistance due to installation restrictions, an additional charge of £40.00 will be applied.

“Fixed Price Repair” is available on most major domestic appliances. Please note that MasterCool appliances, Dialog Ovens and Ranges are not covered by this offer.

Please note that the “Fixed Price Repair” option is only available up to 24 hours prior to the technician’s visit. If you do not select “Fixed Price Repair” then our Standard Labour Charges (Repair ( and spare parts list prices will apply.

No, you cannot change the payment option when the technician has already arrived at your home. However, you may cancel the “Fixed Price Repair” payment up to 24 hours prior to the service visit.

No, the “Fixed Price Repair” is only available if paid in full either at the time of booking or at the latest 24 hours prior to the technician’s visit.

If you have not selected the “Fixed Price Repair” option prior to the visit, the standard service charges will apply (Repair (

If you have multiple appliances that require a repair, you can opt for each machine to be at the “Fixed Price Repair” value or you can mix one of them to be at the standard repair cost. If you choose to mix, you will then pay the “Fixed Price Repair” charge from £289.00 plus the standard labour charge and spare parts required to repair the additional appliance (Repair ( No costs for call out apply for additional appliances. This is a good option if one of your appliances has a minor fault.

The “Fixed Price Repair” option is not available on MasterCool appliances, Dialog Ovens and Range Cookers.

Furthermore, the following faults are not covered by the “Fixed Price Repair” offer:

- Washing machines – suds container (drum, bearings and weights). The machine will be beyond economic repair.

- Tumble dryer – drum and heat pump. The machine will be beyond economic repair.

- Refrigeration – replacement of any refrigerant gases or compressors. The machine will be beyond economic repair.

- Hobs – glass tops.

- Spare parts not related to the initial reported fault. Any additional spare parts required not related to the reported fault or requested to be fitted may be charged separately.

- Any glass breakage, cosmetic damages, wear and tear, interior fittings and accessories are not covered.

- Any appliance previously visited by Miele or a Miele authorised service partner where a diagnosis / estimate for repair has been made for the reported fault.

- Any Miele Professional appliance or a Domestic appliance being used in a commercial environment.

- Any faults due to external factors such as damage caused through inclement environmental conditions or natural phenomena.

You will receive a 12-month warranty on the service work performed, starting from the repair date.

If the initial fault reoccurs within this period, we will fix the machine free of charge. Preconditions are that the machine has been correctly installed and maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions and has not been misused.

If this applies, a technician will need to visit to diagnose the fault. If the diagnosis is the fault is not related to the original repair, you will be asked to pay the technician to complete any work required. The technician will offer you the choice of either paying another “Fixed Price Repair” or paying the standard call out, plus parts and any additional labour, whichever is the cheapest option to repair the machine as advised by our technician. Should you choose not to proceed you will be required to pay the standard call out charge for the technicians’ visit.

We classify an appliance to be beyond economic repair if it cannot be repaired anymore or a repair is not recommendable due to appliance age or type of fault.

If, in our opinion, the appliance is beyond economic repair, due to its age, type of fault or spare parts are no longer available, Miele will not conduct the repair.

If you purchase a replacement appliance through Miele Company Limited directly, the cost of the Fixed Price Repair fee will be deducted from the appliance price. If you purchase the new appliance via a third party Miele Company Limited will refund an amount equal to the difference between the “Fixed Price Repair” charge and the inspection fee. To request such a refund, email to by providing the service order number and a brief description. This offer will remain available up to 90 days after the technician's visit.

You have the right to cancel with full refund up to 24 hours before the scheduled time and date of the repair visit. If you cancel on your scheduled day, Miele has the right to charge you the current standard call out fee and this will be deducted from the “Fixed Price Repair”.

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