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Using FoodView, AI recognises different foods, adjusts parameters and avoids burning for the best results and total peace of mind


Smart Food ID

Automatic food recognition

The camera function in the oven detects the food through artificial intelligence and suggests the optimum program parameters. The only thing you have to do is to confirm the program selection.

You can choose dishes from 10 categories e.g. pizza, fries, crumble cake, lasagna or roasted vegetables.

Just place the food in the oven, and the oven does the rest for you.

How it works

The camera inside the oven takes a picture when you place food inside the oven. The picture is analyzed by our algorithm that detects the food. Based on this information, a program with suitable parameters for the food is automatically sent to the oven.
Enjoy a variety of programmes that perfectly match the food – outstanding results guaranteed.

At the moment, you can choose dishes from 10 different types of food. We have developed 25 programmes that perfectly match these dishes:

Potatoes dishes

  • Baked potatoes
  • Potatoe wedges, self-made
  • Potatoe wedges, frozen


  • Normal / wavy cut
  • Steak house fries
  • Sweet potatoe fries


  • Muffin with fruit
  • Muffin with chocolate chips
  • Muffin without fruit


  • Self-made
  • Convenience, frozen

Bread rolls

  • Frozen bread rolls


  • Pork roast
  • Chicken legs


  • Roasted vegetables
  • Mediterran roasted vegetables


  • Crumble cake, springform
  • Crumble cake, baking tray


  • Fish sticks
  • Fish, bordelaise


  • Self-made, round baking tray
  • Self-made, baking tray
  • Frozen, precooked
  • Frozen, fresh dough
  • Convenience


Smart Browning Control

Achieve the best browning results every time!

With our new special application “Pizza”, achieve the best browning results on pizza every time. You can choose between two options: pre-baked or fresh pizza.

How it works

Our camera inside the oven constantly takes pictures during the baking process and an intelligent algorithm checks the browning status of the pizza. As soon as the perfect browning has been reached, the oven stops the process. Enjoy!


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