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With 3D4U, Miele is now offering free accessories to download for a 3D printer at home. Make your own individual accessories.


With 3D4U, Miele is the first domestic appliance manufacturer in the world to offer a wider range of 3D printable accessories. With this special service, Miele addresses all owners of a FLM printer. This printer produces a viscous plastic thread and deposits it layer by layer. The result is a printed object.

All 3D4U parts can be downloaded for free from the platform. Each 3D4U accessory includes a description of the recommended 3D printing parameters and has been tested for producibility. Some accessories can be customized with your own motifs and parameters.


Miele recommends the use of PLA filaments for the 3D printing process. The reason for this is the good build quality on household 3D printers and the high distribution in the 3D printing community. In the best case, this means that no additional material needs to be purchased and transport routes are saved. In the interest of the environment, when buying new filament, make sure that there is as little packaging waste as possible. For example, there is filament on rolls made from recycled cardboard or wound up as a so-called coil. For the disposal of 3D printing accessories and remnants, use the locally provided ways of waste and recycling (if available, for example, the recycling bin for recycling).

Vacuum cleaners

3D4U Micro Handle

With the 3D4U Micro Handle you become even more flexible, for example when vacuuming inside a car. The micro handle is a very small version of a handle. On one side you can attach an accessory, e.g. the 3D4U Flexi nozzle. On the other side there is a connection for your vacuum cleaner hose. Disconnect the suction hose from the vacuum cleaner handle and connect the hose to the micro handle. Now you can work even more freely in narrow places. The Micro Handle is compatible with all Miele vacuum cleaners with a dust bag as long as they have a handle without integrated brush.

Link to download the 3D4U Micro Handle

3D4U Bubble Attachment

The 3D4U Bubble Attachment. Why not use the vacuum cleaner in a playful way? With this accessory you can effortlessly create shimmering bubbles. The shape of this accessory is based on a group of soap bubbles. The module is attached to the exhaust grille of a Miele Complete C3. The high-purity airflow from the vacuum cleaner is directed through the attachment. A soap bubble wand can now be held in front of the opening. The gentle airflow creates shimmering bubbles within seconds. As easy as child's play.

Link to download the 3D4U Bubble Attachment

3D4U Flexi Nozzle

Tight spaces at home that no accessory can access? Many are familiar with this. Now you can with the 3D4U Flexi Nozzle. As the tip of the nozzle is printed with an elastic material, it protects your surfaces. Three different attachments are freely available via 3D4U. If you have further requirements, you can individually design further nozzle tips.

Link to download the 3D4U Flexi Nozzle

3D4U Mono Bracket

The Miele 3D4U Mono Bracket is the perfect addition to your Compact C2 vacuum cleaner. With the mono holder, you can attach another accessory to your vacuum cleaner within easy reach. The Mono Bracket is pushed onto the retaining cam on the handle or the appliance inlet. Your accessories, such as a wide upholstery nozzle or a long crevice nozzle, now fit on the cone of the adapter. Did you know that Miele offers more than 20 different accessories as optional extras?

Before printing, please ensure that your Miele vacuum cleaner is equipped with the necessary retaining cam on the appliance inlet. This is the case on Complete Compact C2 models and on some Complete C3 model.

Link to download the 3D4U Mono Bracket

3D4U Valuables Separator

The 3D4U Valuables Separator. A versatile helper when it comes to separating large and small items. Whether you are vacuuming your kitchen drawers or a rucksack, looking for a lost earring in the carpet or vacuuming a pile of building blocks - the dirt disappears, your valued parts do not. The central filter of the Triflex HX1 was used as a template for the porous surface of the valuables separator. The scanning electron microscope image shows the surface of the Triflex HX1 filter. Here, too, dirt is separated from the air, but to a much finer degree. Even the finest dust is retained by the micrometer-sized pores of the filter.

Link to download the 3D4U Valuables Separator

Kitchen gadgets

3D4U Motif Dispenser

The Miele 3D4U Motif Dispenser. Magically create your name or favorite motif on a surface in no time at all. With cocoa on your milk foam or with icing sugar on your pastry. Similar to a pepper mill, the upper and lower sections can be twisted in opposite directions. However, inside there is no grinding mechanism, instead there is a generator creating vibrations. When both dispenser sections are twisted, micro-vibrations from the generator create a fine dust. The result: within seconds, they conjure up the desired motif on any surface. This technology has been transferred and miniaturized from the patented cleaning system of the Miele Blizzard CX1. The vibration generator of the CX1 ComfortClean system ensures automatic cleaning of the fine particle filter.

For your own decorative motifs, please download the lid template and insert your motif using a CAD program.

Link to download the 3D4U Motif Dispenser

3D4U Coffee Clip

While wine is made up of more than 400 aromas, coffee is made up of more than 800, making it one of the most complex natural products and giving it a wide range of flavors depending on the coffee bean and the method of roasting and preparation. The fresher the coffee beans, the finer the nuances. Ideally, coffee packaging should therefore be resealed again. With the 3D4U coffee clip, Miele offers a particularly convenient way of closing and opening the packaging. Proportioning coffee beans is now even more convenient. Tip: Of course, this also works with other dry food bags such as cereal. The clip is available in two versions for small bags with approx. 250g content and for large bags with approx. 1000g content.

Link to download the 3D4U Coffee Clip


3D4U Twin-Adapter

The 3D4U Twin Adapter: for handymen with big projects. The twin adapter allows two suction hoses to be attached to the vacuum cleaner at the same time. Even more dust in your workshop disappears in the vacuum cleaner while you are working. To do this, disconnect the suction hose from the vacuum cleaner. Now insert the twin adapter into the upper part of the Complete C3 vacuum cleaner. Two hoses can now be inserted into each of the two accesses. Two handles, tubes or nozzles can also be fitted. With this equipment, two people can then vacuum simultaneously with the vacuum cleaner. This works particularly well on hard floors. The Twin Adapter is compatible with all Miele Complete C3 and Compact C2 series vacuum cleaners.

Link to download the 3D4U Twin Adapter


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