For everything you really love.

To be the best for everything you really love. That's the Miele quality pledge.

What's special deserves the best quality.

And quality is something very personal. We know that a teddybear is more than just a toy. It's a faithful companion who looks after us, consoles us and knows all our secrets. Sometimes it's with us for decades or – if we hand it down – even longer. A teddy can be very special. And we reckon that kind of special deserves the best quality care it can get.

Grandma's hand-knitted blanket, a child's favourite cup or the beautiful dress from Milan – what would life be without the things we love and the memories they hold? That's one of the things we think about at Miele: We want you to enjoy your treasures as long as possible. That's why we stand for a level of unparalleled quality that you can always rely on.

For everything that's close to your heart.

Our goal:
Ever better quality.

"Not cheaper but better than the competition." That's the principle that Miele's founders laid down over a century ago. Four generations later, our Executive Directors Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann will show you how we live this ethos at Miele.

At the heart of all we do: the Miele quality pledge.

We manufacture at our own plants – with passion.

From foundry work and the production of plastic parts to engine development and electronics – we manufacture a large portion of the  components for our products in-house.

Quality tests during the production.

Before we purchase raw materials we test them for compatibility and environmental impact. There are continuous quality checks during production and assembly.

Every appliance has to pass a complete functional test.

We don't do ramdom tests: Before delivery, each appliance is subjected to comprehensive tests – in accordance with our own demands.

Exceptional quality and durability. Made by Miele.

To buy Miele is to invest in quality and durability. It's good to know that a new Miele appliance represents long term value.

High-quality, environmentally friendly materials.

We have the highest standards in terms of quality and durability. That's why our home appliances are made to a large extent of metal that is not only resilient but also recyclable.

Systematic quality managment.

70 employees work in quality management at our headquarters in Gutersloh. And at all twelve locations there are a total of 250 colleagues whose work revolves around the issue of quality.

First-class products that make people happy.

A passion for simplicity: Miele ArtLine.

Set new standards with Miele ArtLine – the handleless design line for your premium kitchen with Touch2Open and SoftOpen technology.

Concentrated efficiency: Miele G 6000 EcoFlex dishwasher.

Thanks to the new Miele G 6000 EcoFlex dishwasher with QuickPowerWash and the precisely matched Miele UltraTabs Multi your dishes will be sparkling clean in just 58 minutes.

Perfectly dosed cleanliness: Miele W1 with TwinDos.

Experience TwinDos – the unique liquid detergent system: Miele appliences with TwinDos dispense the detergent precisely and automatically for you.