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Laundry technology

Washing machines and dryers from the new Benchmark Generation.

Perfect balance

Designed to extend the limits of what´s possible.
The new Benchmark machines embody the perfect balance - of finely tuned technology and functions that ensure outstanding results and optimally coordinated processes. When will you set the Benchmark in laundry care?

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The professional PIB 100 steam ironing system

Makes ironing a pleasure

Laundry care and, in particular, ironing is part of your daily work, but it isn't your core business? To make sure it stays that way and that you can concentrate on your key tasks, Miele can now offer a professional solution in the form of the MIELE PIB 100.

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The new Little Giants

A solid foundation for your success

Discover the compact Miele washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use – and discover innovative technologies for even greater cleaning performance, economy, user convenience and flexibility.

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Enter into the world of commercial laundry care

The new washing machine and heat-pump dryer from the SmartBiz series represent an efficient solution for applications running up to 3 cycles a day.

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Wet cleaning, drying, finishing

Miele Professional offers around WetCare a complete system solution with wet cleaning machines and dryers with special WetCare programs and equipment for the perfect finish.

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The digital solution for your laundry room

appWash, an innovative service provided by Miele Operations & Payment Solutions GmbH, connects your entire laundry room to a digital all-in-one platform. Whether in multiple dwelling units, student accommodation or elsewhere, appWash guarantees smooth, glitch-free processes in your laundry room. For you, this means reduced effort and maximum transparency.

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PRI 318, 418, 421

New flatwork ironers for a superb laundry finish

Discover the new ironers from Miele Professional. With their exclusive and innovative features, top quality and simplicity of use, these ironers ensure a perfect finish to meet the most precise requirements.

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Dishwashing technology

Built for rush hour

New passthrough dishwashers with a cycle time of only 50 seconds.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner: During peak periods, the dishwashing team has its work cut out. Thanks to the latest technology and finely tuned components, our new passthrough dishwashers are able to keep up the pace and perform perfectly under constant strain. A well developed, all-round solution to meet the highest demands and ensure fast crockery turnaround.
Reliable, economical and, above all, fast.
Effectively avoid crockery piling up in the kitchen.

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SmartBiz dishwasher

Your door to the world of commercial dishwashing

SmartBiz dishwashers know what your business needs: This intelligent commercial approach excels in terms of excellent cleaning results combined with short cycles lasting only 36 minutes. All dishwashers from the SmartBiz entry-line range come complete with plug and supply lead and ensure that clean crockery is available as fast as possible in the hustle and bustle of working life.

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Air purification technology

Miele AirControl

Less viruses. More us.

The new Miele AirControl makes living and working together a more pleasant experience. This high-performance air purifier affords the best possible protection against viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and other air-borne particles with its 5-fold filtration, including a highly efficient HEPA H14 filter.
Simple, quiet and dependable.

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Dental, laboratory and
medical technology

PLW 86 series lab washer

A new and holistic approach to the reprocessing of laboratory glassware

The new PLW 86 model series sets new standards in terms of performance and user-friendliness. This entirely redesigned washing system boasts considerably better performance compared with the previous model series and, thanks to a variable-speed pump, is able to adjust circulation pressure and water consumption to the load in hand.

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The new SlimLine lab washers

Compact dimensions, high capacity

With its new SlimLine lab washers, highperformance reprocessing methods, perfectly matching ProCare Lab process chemicals and practical accessories, Miele is offering a comprehensive and systematic solution to the reprocessing of laboratory glassware for analytical experiments. Going beyond standard approaches, Miele engineers together with users have come up with individualised solutions to tackle everyday laboratory challenges.

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EasyLoad - New, fast, highly efficient.

The new loading system for Miele lab washers.

The EasyLoad system is flexible and intuitive and guarantees a clear productivity gain in the reprocessing of laboratory glassware.

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