PG 8063 Safety – protection of health and materials

This systematic solution comprises a fresh water dishwasher with carefully compiled programmes for cleaning and disinfection as well as inserts for securely positioning masks and air regulators in the wash cabinet.

Key benefits at a glance

Large wash cabinet

Lots of space for your equipment

High process reliability

The perfect set-up for reprocessing protective clothing

Tried-and-tested performance parameters

Maximum safety and tested dishwasher solution

Flexible and secure loading

The inserts offer maximum flexibility and security during loading

Product overview

Further accessories

Cartridge for water demineralisation on white background
Water treatment for a spotless finish and preservation of value

The PG 8063 Safety features a separate water connection for demineralised water for the final rinse. This enables drying without water stains and eliminates the need to polish breathing masks after washing.

Hose metering pump for automatic dispensing of liquid cleaning agents on white background
Dispensing modules for cleaning agent

An optional dispensing module can be connected for convenient and economical use of liquid detergents.

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