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Slattery Pâtissier and Chocolatier

Slattery Pâtissier and Chocolatier is much more than just a cake shop. The three-story food emporium in Whitefield, Greater Manchester is truly one of a kind and attracts visitors from far and wide. The family run business has been serving customers with a sweet tooth for over 50 years, producing everything from celebration cakes to personalised chocolate bars.

The business moved into its current premises, a 100 year old pub, back in 2004 and has extended the building significantly to cover three floors. There are 94 staff working six days a week in the business across the retail store and wedding cake showroom, the Masons Dining Room, the bakery and the Slattery’s School of Excellence training facility. The business uses around 40 tonnes of chocolate every year to create its spectacular cakes and chocolates and offers the Callebaut Foundation Course in chocolate.

Slattery needed to upgrade its existing machine and turned to the brand that has been providing it with reliability and longevity for more than 25 years. The business needs to carry out 4-5 washes per day to keep its tea towels and dish cloths clean. “The quality of the wash is superb,” comments John Slattery. “Because we use a lot of chocolate day to day, there is always a risk that the cloths will not be cleaned on a single cycle. But we have never had this problem with our Miele machine. The chocolate always washes away well leaving us with tea towels and dish clothes that look like new.”

The new machine was installed by Goodman Sparks, who also provide Slattery with a reliable service and maintenance offering. “Because we operate six days a week, its vital to us that our washing machine is in operation every day. The Miele machine is incredibly reliable but if anything does happen we know that Goodman Sparks is there to provide immediate support and get us back on line with the minimum amount of fuss.”

Slattery’s third Miele washing machine is the PW6055 Little Giant. Although this is the smallest commercial washing machine that Miele makes, it is perfect for the needs of the business. “A domestic grade washing machine would not provide the business with the reliability and robustness required for the amount of washes that were being done on a daily basis,” said Sam Gleeson of Goodman Sparks. “Installation was very straight forward as we were essentially replacing like with like and this was important to Slattery to ensure that there was no down time in the operation of their washing facilities.”

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