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Technology shaping accuracy and precision in the lab
Blog Article
From the development of pharmaceuticals to the testing of hospital samples, laboratory facilities have a huge role to play in our everyday lives. No matter the type of laboratory, whether that’s private, government or education, lab teams are relied on to conduct important research and analysis. For this to happen, technicians need access to equipment and supplies that can support all the processes that take place.
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Nursing and care facilities
Bright Little Stars Nursery chooses Miele’s new Little Giants to wash away a busy day of play
Customer Stories
Bright Little Stars Nursery, located in the heart of Harrow, provides childcare and education for 140 children between the ages of six months and five years. This warm and welcoming facility champions the free flow of learning and exploration outdoor while offering a unique learning programme providing the highest quality childcare and education.
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McDonalds laundry processes has increased its biofuel production by 20%
Customer Stories
McDonald’s Restaurants in the UK is working alongside Miele Professional to help local authorities and water companies combat the creation of fatbergs and reduce the resources required to respond to grease related drain blockages. The same project is also helping McDonald’s Restaurants to increase production of biofuel for its lorry fleet.
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Medicine, dentistry and veterinary care
A glimpse into the future of dental care
Blog Article
The world of dentistry is on the brink of a technological transformation that promises to revolutionise the way we approach oral health. As we move into the future, cutting-edge technologies are primed and ready to reshape efficiencies and practices within the dental industry. This technology will play a significant role in offering innovative solutions to improve patient care, streamline processes and improve the industry as a whole. As we explore the exciting advancements that await the dental profession, we’ll delve into the potential impacts they could have on both dental practitioners as well as their patients.
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