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Clinically clean results

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A busy veterinary environment has constant laundry needs in the care of unwell animals. From the cleaning of blankets, bedding and cloths, to the disinfection of surgical instruments, a busy veterinary environment has a lot to deal with. It is particularly important to adhere to rigorous and controlled cleaning processes in order to minimise the risk of acquiring or spreading infection.

Washing these items in a simple domestic machine will not achieve the desired result; it is a specialist job that requires the right technology and wash programmes. Reliable machines are absolutely crucial when it comes to achieving consistent, high standards in the processing of laundry. Miele Professional has a worldwide reputation for the quality, reliability and longevity of its products.

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Case studies

Aberdeen Veterinary Referrals

Aberdeen's only veterinary referrals centre; who provide a referral service to Veterinary Practices throughout the North East of Scotland, shares how having a Miele on premise laundry has helped their business.

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