Miele Professional

Solutions for small businesses

Laundry stained with fat, flour and oil as well as bulky load items can soon pose a significant challenge. So it’s good if you, in turn, can rely on a professional solution when it comes to laundry care and dishwashing.


Bakeries and pastry shops

Special-purpose programmes for washing laundry soiled with dust and flour. Inserts for washing baking trays.

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Animal shelters

Special-purpose disinfection programmes ensure that germs and bacteria are reliably deactivated, preventing any risk of cross-infection among animals. Hairs are also entirely removed from the load.

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Hairdressers and beauty salons

Special-purpose programmes for washing towels and drapes. There is also specially designed process technology for dealing with oil-soiled textiles.

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Sport clubs

Special-purpose programmes for washing sportswear and washing and drying sports shoes.

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The programme package for workwear renders even greasy overalls clean in next to no time.

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