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Commercial dishwashers and laundry machines

When it's more than just domestic chores

Professional washing machines are also suitable for use in private households. Short wash times and a professional design are combined with simple operation and a range of programmes for domestic use. The Little Giants reach temperature quickly thanks to high performance heater elements and achieve a significant reduction in the programme cycle times. A second water connection ensures that hot water up to 70°C can be used. Because modern gas systems and solar panels are able to heat water efficiently, this saves energy and reduces the cycle time by up to 20 %. Little Giants can therefore process more than twice as much laundry as a normal domestic machine. Households with high volumes of dishes requiring short programme cycles can also benefit from the ProfiLine dishwashers. If you want to wash large volumes of dishes quickly after a celebration but you do not want to give up the convenience of a domestic dishwasher, you will love the ProfiLine range. With programme cycle times from 17 minutes, dishes are not only clean again quickly, but they are sparkling clean – until the next party.

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