Vets and Animal Care

Quick, effective, hygienic

Big results in a small package
Need professional laundry equipment, but space is in short supply? Go tall instead with stacked machines. Miele Professional washer-dryers stack one on top of the other - and in only 1 m2 of floor space. The stacked machines can also slip through narrow doorways, so installation is easier, too. These Miele Professional machines are able to handle a high volume of washing and offer short cycle times without any compromise on infection control.
Sterilise surgical instruments quickly and safely
Miele Professional products sterilise all surgical instruments quickly, reliably and safely.
Thermal disinfection in dishwashers
Veterinary staff require machines that won't let them down – they need to be dependable, secure and cost-effective. But most of all, the machines need to be high quality, achieving the highest levels of cleanliness . Miele Professional offers products that assure clinically clean results.
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