Mopstar - a specialist in buidings maintenance

Modern buildings maintenance places huge demands on quantity output and flexibility when cleaning mops, cloths and other textiles. The correct machine type is essential to ensure competitiveness. Miele system solutions – washer-extractors, tumble dryers, dispenser pumps, fluff filter compartments, laundry carts and tubs – work efficiently and disruption free, in small, large and very large buildings.
Treating mops
Ready-to-use, hygienic pre-treated mops

The mop head, impregnated with cleaning agent, is taken out of the machine and packed directly in the box for the cleaning trolley. Thus, thanks to the powerful cleaning process the mop can be used again immediately. It is no longer necessary to soak it in rinsing water and then wring it out.
Treating cleaing cloths
Washing and impregnation of cloths with disinfectant or cleaning agent in one work step.
The system
- Programmes specially designed for a variety of textiles for buildings maintenance
- Optimum residual moisture for a wide range of applications
- Safe wash and disinfection processes whilst maintaining the parameters set by RKI (temperature, temperature holding time, liquor ratio)
- Option to document wash and disinfection results with the MOPSTAR 130
- Additional standard programmes and machine cleaning programme
- Patented pre-spin of used textiles before the actual wash - any residual water and cleaning agent is spun out of the textiles so that they can soak up fresh water and new wash tensides.
Features dependent on model – Illustration(s) as an example, for information