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 New barrier laundry for Prior's Court School

Before the recent laundry installation, Prior's Court already had a good relationship with the esteemed German brand, having used Miele Professional machines on site for over 15 years. Colin Seatter from Prior's Court explains that they 'invest in Miele Professional machines because they are so good. They really are the best that money can buy!'
Having decided to invest in a whole new on premise laundry, Prior's Court turned to Gillman's to conduct the installation of the Miele Professional barrier washer-extractor machines. Gillman's spent a year planning and executing the project and were able to carry out the whole process from design to installation and service. They also gave the cleaning team at Prior's Court advice on all aspects of a best laundry practice. Gillman's were delighted to be involved in the project with Prior's Court School.
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