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King Edward’s School Witley is an independent boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 11-18 numbering in the region of 400 pupils.

Karine Butcher, Laundry Manager at the school first came into contact with Miele Professional products through James Holmes at SLS which is now part of WASHCO. As her previous non-Miele machines had broken down irreparably after only six years service, Karine’s primary concern was durability when investing in new equipment.

Having been extremely disappointed with her previous purchase, Karine was impressed by WASHCO’s proposal to install Miele Professional machines, as the brand is renowned for its reliability. Karine was extremely impressed by her experience with the Miele service and installation, commenting that “the installation was a smooth and straightforward process from start to finish. WASHCO were extremely helpful in explaining the workings of our new Miele machines, providing extensive training and support. They even returned to our Laundry the following week to ensure we had the right programmes customised to our needs. WASHCO were quick to reassure us that if we ever had any problems with the machines, they were only a phone call away. I would highly recommend WASHCO to other potential clients as I found them to be extremely helpful and professional on all levels.”

King Edward’s School had three models of Miele Professional washing machines installed on site to meet their laundry requirements; the 8kg PW 6080, the 20kg PW 6207 and the 32kg PW 6321.

Once the new Miele Professional machines were installed, Karine immediately noticed the positive impact that they were having on the laundry processes at the school.

The first standout difference she observed was the significantly reduced water and product consumption of the cycles, due to the automated settings. Karine also commented that, “the honeycombed drums eradicate the usual pitting caused by other machines, enhancing the finish of the wash and resulting in more care for the fabric. The spin cycle is also excellent and the machines have a much higher productivity than I have ever experienced before.” Working in the laundry all day, Karine was particularly impressed to have tranquillity restored, remarking that, “the reduction in noise is also hugely appreciated!” Karine is so impressed with her Miele Professional products, she has labelled them the ‘Rolls Royce’ of washing machines. Karine and the rest of the laundry operators at King Edward’s School now feel secure in knowing that they have invested in quality products that will not only provide longevity but also perform economically. They have found the machines to be extremely easy to operate and very smart looking. Having had such a positive experience with WASHCO and the Miele Professional brand, they are no longer concerned about breakdowns.

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